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Both inside and outside Hollywood there are a bunch of extremly talented people, whose point in life is creating films, short films and TV-series of never-before-seen epicness. Here is a list of the filmmakers - both among directors, writers and producers - who I believe are just a little bit better than everybody else.
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This list is about the TV-series which - in my opinion - are the crem de la crem of TV-series.
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With so many terrific actors and actresses out there, I've had difficulties deciding which ones I favour the most. But now I think the time is right to list my all-time favourites to whomever it may concern...
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Thought it would be a fun idea to make a list over my absolute favourite movies of all time. On the whole the movies come in order 1st is best and so on, but several of these are hard to compare to each other, so don't think too much about the chronology of things (the first movies on the list are all pretty much equally good).

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