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This list is about the TV-series which - in my opinion - are the crem de la crem of TV-series.
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Both inside and outside Hollywood there are a bunch of extremly talented people, whose point in life is creating films, short films and TV-series of never-before-seen epicness. Here is a list of the filmmakers - both among directors, writers and producers - who I believe are just a little bit better than everybody else.
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I thought that it could be a fun idea to list all my favourite movies. This list is as much for myself (so I can keep track of all the awesomeness I've witnessed) as for anyone else, but you might find it interesting to see the list and read my notes anyway.
NOTE: Don't think too much about the chronology here. I've tried to list the movies from best to least-best(?), but as they are of different genres and countries and cinematic eras, it's difficult to say that one movie is better than another.
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A list of all the motion pictures, short films and TV-series episodes shown at Filmhuset for the Stockholm University Film Studies Course of 2015-2016, as well as my personal opinion of the films.
BEST RATING: "Sedmikrásky" (Věra Chytilová, 1966) - 10/10
WORST RATING: "Dyke Hard" (Bitte Andersson, 2014) - 2/10