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This list is based on the average rating given by me to the feature films made by the directors. To be considered for the list, a director must have made at least two films rated by me. Also, at least one of those films must be rated 8 or higher. It should not be mistaken as a ranking of the best directors of all time.
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Yes, this is exactly what it looks like: A list featuring the, in my opinion, best movies released in 2014.
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Movies from 2015 that I've seen and that are worth your attention.
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This is my ranking of the best movies released in 2013.
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These actors are, if you ask me, not as good as most people seem to think. Some of the actors on this list (like Adam Sandler) are truly painful to watch, while some are decent enough actors (like Denzel Washington) who sometimes even put in great performances, but ultimately don't deserve their good reputation.
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These are a couple of films that I find have an undeservedly fine reputation. This is just my personal opinion, so please don't get too upset if you don't agree with me.
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The following is a ranking of the very best feature films I've seen from the year 2012.
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This is not a list of the best actors ever, just some actors who deserves being mentioned. And it's NOT in any specific order.
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Listed here are the - in my opinion - funniest, smartest and most well-made comedies ever made (and seen by me). I haven't included a couple of films that, although listed by IMDB as comedies, to me more has the feel of a drama or something else, for example Moonrise Kingdom and Midnight in Paris.
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This list features the, in my opinion, most outstanding films of 2011 (of those I've seen, of course). To sum it up: many great, but few extraordinary films.