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The Rebound (2009)
Surely Enjoyable
28 September 2011
Every movie has its specific set of audience, and this one too has a particular set. It is a sensitive but sexy movie about a woman in her forties and her post-divorce encounters with different feelings like hatred, low self-esteem, domestic problems and her personal life. Amidst all the things going wrong with a woman who is in a situation where she had been cheated by her husband, she finds something which perhaps is the most important thing in this world, "Friendship". Catherine Zeta Jones looks lovely throughout. I literally fell in love with her after watching the movie. Not just because she is beautiful but the emotions portrayed by her are extremely believable and life like. She portrays the role presented to her with perfection and looks plausible as a single mother raising two kids. Moreover, No matter what others say, I feel the chemistry between her and Justin Bartha (The Hangover Groom), if not tremendously magical, was just right for the movie. The movie is never uninteresting and did keep me glued to the screen. It makes you smile in places with some witty and amusing scenes and also imparts some wisdom about life and any relationship. I wouldn't say that it is something worth not missing but if you are a planning on watching it, I guarantee you that your ninety minutes would not be wasted.
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Be prepared to fall in a bowl of AWESOMENESS again as Po is back
30 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Okay!! Its official now, you can associate the word Awesome with Kung Fu Panda till eternity, because, it just is.

I am not going to spill out the beans but here is the gist of it. Po is a pro in his own style of Kung fu and is aware of his abilities now. He is living his dream to be the Dragon Warrior. With the Furious Five he heads towards a city to save Kung Fu and in his fight against the evil, unravels his own origin.

When I actually got up from my chair, I actually said these two words "JUST AWESOME". For me, Kung Fu Panda 2's USP is the story. The story was extremely important for the sequel especially when the first did set some mightily high standards to live up to. Good 3D effects & even better animation have undoubtedly added outstandingly to this exceptional movie. Even though Po achieved a new avatar, the lead character's trademark goofy manners had to be maintained because that's what makes the character adorable. Needless to say, Jake Black is tailor-made for this character. The man actually looks like Po, just kidding.

The movie has hilariously funny moments mixed with heartwarming scenes as well. Its wittiness is immeasurable and is unexpected. Amidst, all the seriousness intended in the scenes, comedy has been stitched quite intelligently. Moreover, the direction is also worth applauding. Successfully stuffing a story which is as good as this one with an Panda(animated or otherwise) and Kung fu is definitely not a piece of cake and the director achieves that humongous task with ease as you highly connect with the emotions projected throughout the movie and you absolutely forget that the characters and the happenings are fictional. At the end you actually want more and that is when you realize that this awesome flick will be followed with something worth finding out about. But for the time being, be prepared to fall in a bowl of AWESOMENESS again as Po is back.
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Recommended to all guys out there
20 June 2011
A story of three bachelors or May I say, three carefree wolves. Guys, this one is strictly for men and for those women who can agree with the movie.

Rajat a.k.a Rajjo (Kartikeya Tiwari), Vikrant (Raayo Bakhirta)& Nishant (Divyendu Sharma)are three bachelors who live together as flat mates and face a lot of funny and emotional challenges in the coming months as they get into relationships with Neha (Nushrat Bharucha) , Rhea(Sonalli Sehgal) & Charu (Ishita Sharma) respectively.

The chemistry between the guys is amazing. The way they converse with each other is hilarious and easy to connect to as most bachelors live the way they do. The character of a frustrated IT professional played by Divyendu is the funniest of all. His portrayal of the character is side- splitting as you can actually relate to the level of aggravation. Apart from him, Nushrat Bharucha plays the role of a nagging and obsessive girlfriend with quite a lot of perfection. Her role in LSD was totally contradictory to what she played in PKP and she did manage to inspire hatred for the character with her acting skills.

The background score in the movie is nice and the songs fit well in situations. However, the second half of the movie is way too lengthy and the level of emotional drama depicted is way too much to be quoted as 'Bearable'. The movie shouldn't have been this long and a duration of 120 mins would have been more than sufficient to tell a story which is as simple as this. But, yeah the director and the actors have done a pretty smooth job during the first half. Recommended to all guys out there!!!!
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Source Code (2011)
Quite Brilliant
13 June 2011
Source Code is one of those movies which make you think and really make you realize that unlike some filmmakers there are some intelligent and creative brains out there who still believe in quality cinema. In a nutshell, the movie is a Sci-Fi action thriller and is brilliantly shot. I said brilliant because of three reasons:-

1.The way of storytelling. 2.The visibility of the scenes, dialogs and the overall script. 3.The quality of the direction.

The technical aspects of the movie are not too hard to understand and you are always captivated and captured by the somewhat volatile happenings. The action in the movie is first-rate and does provide the buzz expected of an action thriller.

Jake Gyllenhaal is a fine actor. He has portrayed the character of Colter Stevens, an American Army helicopter pilot, quite well if in not the best way possible. Vera Farmiga as Goodwin was convincing and looked appropriate in her place. Michelle Monaghan too acted well but her character had far less exposure and she had not a lot to do.

For me the real winner here is the director, Mr. Duncan Jones, who has really put together a wonderfully captivating show. Definitely worth your time and money.
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Shaitan (2011)
Shaitan speaks about the devil inside each of us
13 June 2011
Shaitan speaks about the devil inside each of us, the devil who might take over us when we our own life is in trouble. It also speaks about the corrupt system, its flaws and the people who manipulate the system making use of their indecipherable power.

The movie revolves around a group of five young troubled spoiled brats in Mumbai, who as usual have issues with their lives.

Spiced up with some offensively witty scenes and dialogues, which is a good thing considering the plot of the movie, the movie is targeted towards the youth and does offer what any regular new age individual would look for in the movie. All the five lead actors seemed appropriate for their characters but for me Gulshan Devaiya as K.C. did a fabulous job among the five. Apart from him, Rajeev Khandelwal performed flawlessly in playing the role of a cop and I was immensely pleased to see Raj Kumar Yadav as a shady police officer. His part was short but he could not have done it better, in fact, he was the perfect choice for that character.

But even though the flick was filled with good performances all around and even better direction, it lacked excitement. The whole dish didn't seem to tempt me anytime throughout the meal. It was predictable at times and the idea of rebellious spoiled brats is becoming stale now. This movie is definitely worth watching once or maybe twice for some people, but it is nothing extraordinary and didn't leave me wondering or wanting for more.
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Megamind (2010)
MegaMind - The Funniest villain ever
8 June 2011
An underachiever his whole life, when realizes that he is not good at doing anything noble, also comprehends that he is pretty darn good at being "BAD"!!!, thus came into existence "MEGAMIND", which according to me is "the" funniest villain ever. MEGAMIND and his best friend MINION, did remind me of the duo of "SULLY and MIKE" from Monsters Inc., but the bone-tickling comedy does make sure that the sometimes goofy "super- baddie" wins hands down. The scene where MM corrects TITAN by explaining that the difference between a villain and a super-villain is PRESENTAATIIOOOOONNN!!!! , was the best of the lot for me.

Amazing animation by Dreamworks yet again. Brad Pitt is too good as METROMAN, but Ferrell steals the show for me. Snappy scenes and witty dialogs make it a must watch for all age groups. Do take out some time for this one, coz you will definitely leave with a smile on your face and a thought in your mind…
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Ragini MMS (2011)
"Horrifying", if it has to be defined in just one word.
8 June 2011
"Horrifying", if it has to be defined in just one word.

For me, Ragini MMS delivered far more than what it promised. The class and the execution of the horror sequences were far more intriguing that I had ever imagined. The fact that impressed me the most is that even though, primarily you get the feeling that it might be a movie with just sensual scenes and not so many significantly petrifying moments, it actually left its mark on me for the direction of the horrifying scenes and the quality of performances by the two actors. The movie revolves around a couple who set out to the outskirts of Mumbai for a weekend getaway. But as the reel rolls & the movie unfolds, it turns into a nightmare for the two as they encounter a lot of paranormal activities happening around & realize that the house they are staying in is haunted. Probably, as the movie was shot as if in real life, you connect to the horrendous events and the situations fashioned more closely and feel to be a part of the whole idea even more.

The movie does give the inkling that it has been inspired by Paranormal Activity but apart from being shot as if in real life, the movie is fresh and presents unnerving scenes and goosebumps all the way. Raj Kumar Yadav is definitely here to stay and Kainaz Motiwala was impeccable in justifying her character. I sincerely recommend this one to Vikram Bhatt and expect that he would probably learn a thing or two and would not dole out movies like Haunted 3D again. And if he is too dim-witted to understand what a horror movie is then maybe it is time he hangs up his director shoes for the good of all humanity. Applause to the whole team of Ragini MMS as they have surely provided a benchmark against which all future Bollywood horror movies must be evaluated.
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Rio (2011)
Just Lovely
8 June 2011
I watched this movie on a lethargic Sunday night and must say that it was the perfect fashion to bring to an end an otherwise lousy day. In few words, Rio is a fantastically executed humorous flick packed with cute scenes and gorgeous animation. Though the movie was a bit obvious at times but the charming & highly amusing sequences don't let you take your eyes of the screen.

Jesse Eisenberg's voice is amazingly immaculate for a bird and he does a great job playing the role of the domesticated exotic bird BLU, who doesn't know how to fly. And Anna Hathaway's voice was so sweet throughout the movie that I actually fell in love with the character JEWEL. NIGEL, their evil counterpart was well scripted and does present wickedness. Needless to say, Jemaine Clement did one heck of a job while lending his voice to the character.

The scenes with the goofy monkeys were outstanding on the level of clowning and were as good as the penguins of Madagascar. Moreover, the drooling amigo the birds find during the end was definitely the highpoint as far as the comic element in the movie is concerned.

Finally, the animation deserves an accolade as it was just magnificent and gorgeous. The movie is filled with vibrant colors and dazzling performances. I truly wish I had watched it in 3D but 2D is not so bad either, in fact it is pretty awesome!!!
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Haunted - 3D (2011)
Vikram is a funny man
8 June 2011
What a flick!! What an experience!! Bravo Mr. Bhatt!! You really pulled out "a rabbit out of the hat" this time. This movie lived up to my expectations and delivered a mind-blowing experience. Each and every actor did justice to the character at hand. And I must say, the characters were so well scripted!! Some characters which really caught my eye were:-

 Rehan: An extremely sorry face for a savior. This character commanded sympathy right from the word go as this poor soul believes that his 'MBA' degree from Stanford is going to help him defeat the evil spirit. You can't help yourself from being rueful for this character's gullibility. Poor baby!!

 Prof. Iyer: A pervert evil spirit. The character's main aim was just to have a good time. "Zindagi ke saath bhi, Zindagi ke baad bhi!!". Very focused and very clear about his needs and desires. Be it on a piece of furniture or in a deserted wrecked place filled with roaches and dirt. This dude knows how to party!! Go Iyer!!!

 Meera: A sexy & carefree lass from the 1930s. Very modern for her time. She teaches you how to enjoy life even when you know the problem might be hovering over your head, well literally in this case.

 Charsi Baba: Well!! It isn't exactly "Charsi Baba", but that's what his name should have been. This miraculous yet mysterious character was the "Conductor of this Orchestra". Who'll say smoking kills when he was f**king healing wounds out there with his divine puffs of smoke?

Apart from the well scripted characters and well trained comic actors who really infused verve into these characters, the script writer made sure that the viewer is always left wondering and the director executed the scenes impeccably. From a hip-hop dance sequence to some girl-on- girl action, this movie definitely is one of a kind. After all, when was the last time you laughed out loud while watching a horror flick. Don't miss out on this one as this is not just India's first horror stereoscopic 3D movie, but it's also a laugh riot.
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Ready (2011)
Salman all the way
7 June 2011
Salman is undoubtedly the biggest star in Indian cinema currently. His screen presence is godly that makes movies like Ready an entertainer.

Ready doesn't boast of storyline, which was pretty obvious from the trailers itself. Just go in there with your brain handed over to someone responsible at home and trust me you will have a gala time during the movie.

As was the case with Dabangg, this one is again all Salman. With Asin playing her part beautifully wearing that gorgeous smile, the movie is entertaining, captivating and has numerous moments which will tickle the funny bone in you. Though some scenes projected cheap attempts at comedy, the movie did have some hilariously funny dialogs as well. The background score was good, considering the theme of the movie and the songs were amazing. Especially, "Dhinka Chika" is enjoyable and has peppy tunes to get you into the groove.

For all the directors and producers out there, please don't overdo the 'Only Salman and no Storyline Genre', as it does seem to provide entertainment throughout but it might not be the wise choice in the long run.

A must watch for all Salman fans and definitely a one-timer for all the others.
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