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Two reasons I have made this list: 1. I have grown up a little to make better wiser descions and I have taken some of the movies out of the list 2. There are new movies!
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Not many came out but in order, which were the the best IMO.
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In No Order
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All right there in the description. I dont know why but lately Ive been fascinated by Comedic Actors who have done Dramatic Roles. Here is the best of the best.
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Yes, I made a favorite actors list, but this is a fair and balanced list of the 10 greatest actors. Not my favorites (well a few are), But the ones who deserve the title of: Great
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Right now I know Im not going to please every body, which I dont aim to do because that would be impossible, but I am here to state my OPINION.
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Throughout movie history there have been numerous types of roles. But in my opinion what truly defines an actor is if they can play someone who is mentally challenged and make it seem like they really are. Here are the five best characters.
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This is in order btw.
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