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As one of the most fascinating aspects there is to the sci-fi genre, time travel carries a lot of potential for complex plots. In a time loop an alteration in the past canges the present often accompanied by the threat of an imminent time paradox.

The complexity and the danger of logic flaws are tough callenges for any script writer or director. Unfortunately just very few movies dealing with time loops actually try to present a consistent plot. Most tend to just ignore logic and avoid details.

Those movies that face the challenge mostly turn out jewels of the genre.

Here's a list of some of those movies and episodes of TV Shows that try.

If you have any comments, feel free to have a word.
Suggestions for more movies or TV episodes to add are much appreciated.

This list is still in development... more details on the nature of the according time loops will be added.

spoiler alert
I'll try to not give away central pieces of information that are part of dramatic or surprising episodes.
The description of the time loops might nevertheless in a certain degree spoil the enjoiment of watching the movies or episodes for the first time.