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Pretty self explanatory... (in no specific order)
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All movies involving zombies. Watch at your own risk!!
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In simple terms- celebrities who look alike. They aren't necessarily exact copies, but they share physical similarities. They could at least play family members. Unfortunately, not all come with pix. You'll have to Google them to see the resemblance. This list is updated as new look-a-likes are presented to me. So go ahead & check back often for new celebrities.
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The title describes it all. (No particular order.)
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I'm not saying these were the best things from the decade. These are just the things I enjoyed. :) (in no particular order)
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These mediocre "talents" make me sick. I can't stand the way that they're praised and worshiped like gods. What happened to good talent? Where is our generations Henry Bogart, or Audrey Hepburn? Who's gonna replace Micheal Jackson or own up and actually do something that is actually original? These people don't deserve their fame, they don't deserve the attention from the media, and they don't deserve to be idolized like gods.
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These aren't all exactly "Halloween" orientated, but they involve things that could be scary, but are still kid safe.
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"Horror" movies happen to be my favorite genre. But for those of you out there that only like to watch "scary" movies particularly around Halloween time, here is a list of movies that you can watch every year over & over again... (This list includes movies that're comedies, cheesy, or family films. The choice is yours.)
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Is there really a need to explain this? These shows are tasteless, lack talent or intelligence, & are just downright horrific. They promote the wrong ideals and just glorify the moronic. Why they ever became popular or lasted beyond one season (if it even did) is beyond me... Luckily, some of these shows are no longer running. Thank God. Adult Swim has a horrible track record with live action shows specifically. Stick to showing reruns of Family Guy & American Dad. & bring back Moral Orel & The Oblongs.
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Movies that center around high school-aged characters and take place partially in school settings.
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Unconventional-looking people that are considered "attractive" by some. Their features are distinctive & unique. I may not find these people "good looking". But someone out there does.
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I find these "celebrities" to be completely HORRIBLE & talent-less.
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Since Hollywood seems to be running out of ideas nowadays, there's a trend of taking classic, obscure, or foreign films/video games/television shows/comic books/books/Broadway plays made years ago & rehashing them into more modern versions of film. Sometimes the remakes are actually not that bad (i.e.- Rob Zombie's Halloween). Other times, it's just a waste of $ & garbage that doesn't even compare to the original. This is a list of the bad...