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"Partners" (2012)
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Partners is a satiric sitcom full of relevant humor and trying to find it's footing., 11 October 2012

Partners, by the creators of Will and Grace is a delightful, lightweight, fast paced show full of quips relevant to today. While some of the characters may still be shallow, the show is attempting to find it's footing and "groove" as any new show does.

Partners centers around 4 people, but 3 relationships anchored with the main characters Louis and Joe. The two are partners in architectural firm who consistently delve into each others lives meddling wherever they can. The two, who have a codependent relationship are trying to navigate their own relationships while maintaining their friendship. Often, one crosses the line and there is a conflict which by the end resolves itself in a "I only meant to help" type of way. The two main characters are flanked by each of their respective lovers who despite Joe and Louis's codependency, are there along for the ride and usually being the receivers of misguided actions.

Of course, the bar is already very high, with this show being considered the "Will and Grace" of today, it hasn't established the depth of story or emotional ties that we all had while watching WAG.

Hopefully, the writers will anchor the character's down and establish a theme for the show that is as emotional and relate-able as their previous work. The show fills a niche that had long since been forgotten with groundbreaking sitcoms and will definitely give you a laugh!

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Fans turned their back on the franchise and killed it., 5 June 2011

It's really unfortunate that SGU didn't live up to people's expectations. But lets take a look at what they were: The fans really wanted SG-1. That's all the fans have ever really wanted is more episodes of SG-1. They wanted O'Neil and Teal'c and Daniel Jackson. They wanted them STILL fighting the Gou'old and they wanted the old formula. Unfortunately, that stopped selling with SG-1 and hasn't worked since. Why? Because the fan base changed and the franchise had to change with it.

If you want to compare it to Firefly, or BS:G or whatever, then so be it. That doesn't remove the fact that it was a GOOD show. It was a show that started winning awards/nominations for the franchise again. It was a natural evolution into 2010 for the franchise. Now, if you can't tell by now, I liked the show. I liked the show a lot. It wasn't a reiteration of the standard 4 person team, wherever the setting may have been, SGU was an extension of the whole franchise. It took the 9th chevron theme and made an entire series out of it.

To me, the storyline was extremely solid. There wasn't any filler. Each episode had a purpose and played a part in understanding the entirety of the series. They had a great budget and the effects were great. The acting was very solid and the script was good. So what was the problem? The problem was not the show, but the fans.

I'll say it again, and i'll keep saying it. We have all effectively killed Stargate and there probably wont be anymore shows in the franchise.