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Two words: Quentin Tarantino, 14 March 2005

Again Quentin Tarantino takes on a wild ride where the twists and turns of the movie we believe we can anticipate, but Oh No. True to Tarantino's form the movie twists showing different time frames in the movie for different periods of the the movie. Just like Pulp Fiction, Tarantino causes you to have to watch his movie at least two times to really grasp the flow of the movie. All the while using smart characters and deceptive plot lines. This is a true action movie but unlike most of the traditional Japanese and Chinese movies that showed unrealistic, over-exaggerated moves and weapon play, Tarantino mixes non stop action of say a Die Hard movie with the oriental elegance of a movie on the scale of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Tarantino not only showcases extraordinary sword play and weapon skills but also the tradition and history of the craft of sword making and the passion in which the craftsman make their trade. Again, Tarantino takes his movie to many levels. An absolutely wonderful movie with very few flaws. A Must See. As a fellow Tennessean, it makes me proud to see a person such as Tarantino, who was born in Knoxville, TN., take away the Redneck-Hick stereotype associated with us. Some of us may be Rednecks, but even rednecks are skillful and smart.

Shakespeare, enough said, 31 January 2005

This is a Kenneth Branagh production, and when he does a movie you can expect the Shakespearian tradition to be upheld to the letter. This production was wonderful, great cast, and Kenneth seemed to help them understand their characters with great force. This is the mark of a great director and a master in his craft. I finally was able to see the meaning of expression behind Shakespeare plays that I was not able to achieve simply by reading the plays. Wonderful, simply wonderful. The quality of his work and the care of detail the Kenneth places on his work make his productions simply remarkable and I hope to see many more of his productions soon. I saw his Hamlet and knew that I must see this as well.

Shrek 2 (2004)
A very, very funny movie., 22 May 2004

This movie was a riot. My wife and I went to see this movie to preview it before we take our daughter. There was a very good lesson about tolerance that this movie teaches, and it was extremely funny to boot. The relationship between Sherk, Fiona, and Donkey in this movie is certainly tightly bound and that allows the antics to insue. Any parent of a child will get what I mean in the First five minutes of the movie. Enjoy and remember to Breathe!!! It keeps your side from hurting. The reference to Cops and other TV shows as well as the Landscape for Far, Far, Away just adds to the antics. This movie is great fun and will be enjoyed by all. I would recommend this movie for any family wishing to take a child to see it.

Fire Birds (1990)
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Helicopters on Speed, 28 March 2004

The remarks of Mr Alex Ward are pretty much right on the money however, the one problem is that the directors DID consult with people from Ft Hood. If you watch the credits, Ft. Hood is listed in the end credits for thanks. However, this just goes to prove that in the early 90's it still wasn't important to be factually correct on many things, and even though the directors consulted people at Ft. Hood, Hollywood wants their movies a certain way. This is sad because this could have been an "Independance Day" type movie. Alas, it fell far short. For young kids though, it is a good boost for kids wanting to be helicopter pilots. But sorry when all you kids grow up and learn the truth of Helicopters.

Bones (2001)
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Suspenseful? Maybe not., 13 February 2004

This movie is not the worst of horror movies that I have seen, however it is far from the best also. This movie has some pretty decent special effects, and doesn't have a bad story line. Who better to play a drug pusher in the 70's than Snoop Dogg. Snoop is not the best actor in the world but does show a better job in this movie than previous movies. 7 out of 10 stars. Not great, but not bad.

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Good but with flaws, 21 August 2003

I agree that David Hasselhoff is not the best choice in the world to play this role. He is not the best singer or actor that the stage has ever scene. However, as Grey Satterfield said, this is a extremely hard role to for any actor and most especially both acting and singing the same part. Even though David is not strong in either, you have got to admire a man who tries, and I believe that David did give it his best effort. And that is admirable. The production is first rate, would have loved to have seen this live. But even for a video they kept it in the traditional theater style. I give it 7/10 stars.