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Caru Reviews---I Spit On Your Grave, 4 June 2011

I spit on your grave is a horror movie remake that shows both elements of revenge and torture.This movie is quite generic but it had the potential to become an excellent film.despite some parts that over takes a lot of time,this movie had an awful ending.The main flaw is that it has a really slow start that it caused the whole movie to be rushed and make the ending suck.On the bright side the story is overall good and the torture scenes are pretty creative and violent.People i recommend that if you do not like gore and torture than this movie is not worth seeing.If you are a horror or a slasher fan than i would highly recommend this just don't expect high hopes of this movie.

7/10 (Good)

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Caru Reviews---Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides, 4 June 2011

Jack sparrow is back in action with a new completely storyline and characters.this time he is after the extraordinary delusional fountain of youth.The adventure is not easy for jack sparrow because he has a lot of opposing armies against him like the military led by Barbosa and the gritty pirate Blacbeard.the adventure is filled with a lot of action and sword fights completely with laughter.the acting is excellent as ever like the previous movies of the pirates of the Caribbean franchise.Love is also portrayed in this story between certain characters(avoiding spoilers).Johnny Depp really showed excellence of comedy and acting in this movie.

9/10 (excellent)

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Caru Reviews---The Hangover 2, 4 June 2011

to start off this movie is awesome and funny as the first film.i watched yesterday with my friends and really had a great this particular episode we find the wolf pack in Thailand and as you anticipate they have a nasty hangover again.although it is based on the same setting as the first one its unbelievably unpredictable and a lot of surprises every scene.we see some characters that were in the previous film like the Chinese mafia dude and he is hilarious as ever.although this is a great comedy, the movie featured a lot of cool action sequences like gunfights etc.the combination of rapid action and comedy is excellent in this movie.the acting was also superb and Thailand was beautiful as ever with its atmospheric scenes.i highly recommend this movie to anyone for great action and have a great laugh.don't listen to critics if they gave it a low score,this movie is a must watch.


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Caru Reviews-----Water For Elephants, 4 June 2011

In this particular movie we see combined elements of love,sadness,betrayal and torture that together make up this movie.The story of this movie is oustanding completely with the excellence of acting.the story is portrayed as chains of memories that the narrator had at a young age where he had fallen in love with a women in a circus.If there is love there is also an element of sadness.As we know we can't have a perfect life.There are also a few action scenes but they are not fictional but they are realistic because this is a story that portrays the reality of life.Speaking of life there are also cute animals being tortured by the cruel circus owner which later has a great impact in the storyline but to avoid the spoilers i won't say much.overall this movie is excellent because it really portrays love in life as it is and life cant be perfect but its filled with problems both in relationship an jealousy.Love that also appears in animals that respect us but some of us humans torture them.i highly recommend this movie to anyone that loves a beautiful well written story

9/10 (excellent)