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Here's a list of filmmakers who have only made a couple of films, but are already on my radar. Can't wait to see what the future holds for these new talents. WORK IN PROGRESS
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My early insight into next years Oscars. Every list of this kind always has some correct and incorrect predictions, but I'll try my best to highlight the possible 2015 Academy Award contenders. 2014 sure to be a great year for film no matter what does or does not get nominated at the Oscars, and I am very excited to go on this year long journey with all of you. So, without any further ado, here is my Early Insight into The 2015 Academy Awards.
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This is a list of directors who could make an awesome movie for Disney/Marvel. My picks are based around how talented these people are, and how likely it is that Marvel would hire them to do one of their films.
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These are my personal favorite films of the decade so far. I will update regularly.
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Rotten Tomatoes:


These are my predictions for 2013's movies. From Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. I was just guessing for all of them so i was dead wrong on a lot of these.

I have my predicted scores, and final score in each one. This is the guide:

My 10 Best Predicted Films Are:
1. American Hustle (87 M/ 92% RT)
2. Interstellar (76 Metascore/ 94% RT)
3. Avengers 2 ( 75 Metascore/ 94% RT)
4. Star Wars VII (81 M/ 92% RT)
5. Halo (80 M/ 91% RT)
6. The Wolf of Wall Street (80 M/ 91% RT)
7. Elysium (81 M/ 90 RT)
8. Blue Jasmine (82 M / 88% RT)
9. Twelve Years a Slave (78 M / 89% RT)
10. Oldboy (78 M / 83% RT)

BLUE means original prediction
RED means actual score
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These are films that have come out recently that I think will hold up and eventually be considered classics.
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These are the movies that are in consideration for this years Oscars. The nominations are in, so here are my thoughts on what the films chances at winning their categories are.

P.S I will update
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My Wishlist for The Justice League Movies.
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These are, In my opinion, movies that are either Underrated or Unappreciated. Some of these are movies that I only find some enjoyment in, or movies that I personally only love.
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This is a list of great directors who I think should come back and make one more great movie and hopefully another classic.

Whether they were once great but now suck or haven't directed in a while, these are the men i think should either come back and make another great last film; or just come back and start making more great movies. Because they all deserve a chance at redemption and to go off with a bang.

Other Directors that almost made the list:
Andy & Lana Wachowski
Peter and Bobby Farrelly
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Movies I would've put in this list had I seen them in 2012.

The Impossible
Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Raid: Redemption
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The basic plot of the remake in my mind is similar to the original with a few minor differences. It takes place in the near future where banks are so heavily guarded that it's nearly impossible to rob them. But the ex presidents work together as a team, they are the only people that can possibly break into these banks. So that's a minor difference. The sky diving and surfing still exists, and because of the director I chose why not add a little bit of sweet cars and street racing?
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We all know that Lucas Film has been bought by Disney, and we all know that they're planning sequels and Spin-Offs. I would like to tell and show you my thoughts.

Oscar winning writer Micheal Arndt is pinning the first sequel. Awesome! And JJ. Abrams is directing the first movie. That's what we need! A fan boy who knows not only his Star Wars stuff but that the prequels werent the best. Which means probable tone down of too much Greenscreen/CGI and JarJar Binks. So far this movie looks like it will at least be better than the prequels.

We got the director, we got the writer which are both great. But now we need Actors who can act! You guys know who i'm talking about. The near killer of the francise. Moment of silence.... Hayden Christensen. Enough said about that. But there's no doubt there will be some familiar faces, and characters. I would love some new faces tho, the originals drove those actors into fame I think these movies would be the perfect opportunity to showcase a fresh new face. With good actors along with a good director and a good script. No worries.

And because JJ. Abrams is directing. I think we can assume that people from his shows and movies might be In the movie. And even tho Michael Giacchino is Abrams usual composer, Abrams himself said the legend John Williams is coming back to compose once again. That makes me a little sad but i can't argue with the choice to bring back a legend. And plus i think Giacchino will do some of the spin offs or something, he's just too good to pass up on.

Whether its in the new episodes or a spin off, they need to get the people who worked on the video games and trailers to help out as consultants or something, cause those trailers were epic. And it would be awesome to have them aboard any ship that involves a new Star Wars anything.

Alright. Now i'm going to show the actual actors and future directors (to take over after JJ. Abrams), writers and different composers i think should do an episode or spin-off (because lets be honest whats Star Wars without music). So as a fan of Star Wars i bring you my personal Future Star Wars wishlist.

I will update.
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Both are in the making. And these are my picks for director then cast.

1-26 Are my Director and Actor choices for the Expendables franchise.

27- Are my ExpendaBelles Actress Choices. ( I won't include Gina Carino or Katee Sackhoff cause they've already been confirmed )
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You may disagree with this list, but just remember it's my favorites.
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A List of directors to keep an eye out for. They have a great future, and could possibly bring something new to the film industry. All of these already talented people could very well be the next big name.