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Crawlspace (2013)
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Very well made horror/thriller-surpassed expectations !, 23 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Strangely enough in the U.K I watched this on SKY Satellite as a U.K Premiere this week on The Horror Channel yet it is listed as not yet released in U.S.A ! I will be very sad if U.K audiences miss out on this as a cinema release. For me it is surprisingly well made and modern,extremely believable story and every aspect of a families daily life is written and captured beautifully by the director and a very effective cast. In short there has been an awful accident in the pool that is now drained that afflicted the previous owners who left as the house was foreclosed by the bank...and the new family are not alone in the house and soon become aware of this fact.The twists and turns that then follow I did not expect and just when you think my that must be it another twist will this end?..Who or what is in the house and what do they want? A spooky old lady neighbour adds to the suspense and I will reveal no more.It is so scary that as a life long horror fan if I think it is good then usually its well worth a watch. I did not expect things to pan out how they did and at the end was left with an open mouth and a feeling of wow so glad I got to watch that. Another problem is a movie with the same name has been released the same year from an Australian company and this is confusing many far and wide. That is a great shame if it means this is lost in space.

The Clinic (2010)
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Superbly made movie, 15 January 2012

Excellent acting,suspense,great camera work. Was on the edge of my seat the whole time and the twists and turns kept on coming until the very last minute. Simply a very disturbing but believable film made in such a way to really get you thinking. Afterwards I say thinking about the events because it really is that thought provoking. From an extremely sad situation came a glimmer of hope. I salute the writer and director. This happened before DNA testing became available and I was thinking how on earth are they going to get around this without me spoiling the plot it really was nothing like expected at all adding to how inventive the writing of this movie actually is.