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It's pretty clear the show was really there for the dating and the romance and the ridiculous relationships. So... let's all get shallow (like that'll be hard) and rank the guys that stand out. And not just the ones that became romantic interests. (We're going by my standards here and I'd like to think I have a pretty good eye.)

Update: My original opinions can change at any time. Also, I hate IMDb's system of rearranging names/numbers (it won't let me just change the number, press enter, and move that person / movie up to the slot I typed in), so I've decided that I will make a separate list for every single season. Provided that I actually sit through them all.

Not listed: Prue's boss at the auction house. He's nice but, I'm trying to steer clear of men who have no photo or headshot.
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What do you think they would feature in the collection?

Titles chosen for popularity and culture-defining as well as for actual quality and excellence.
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Would love to have seen these films discussion by The Nostalgia Chick over the years.

I don't have a preferred style, by the way: some people apparently only liked her old, slight variation on Doug's formula of plot description + movie clip + joke. I think that had its merits. As much as I know it bothered her, she was funny and clever. And some movies just didn't need serious analyzation. Perhaps my nominations below are among them. I just feel like the well on what Lindsay Ellis helped create has been painfully bone dry the last 8 months and that is a shame. But I also recognize that it's difficult to please everyone.
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March 2013 Preface: Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions. My taste has come into question a few times (which is cool) and I just want to let you guys know I'm a real child of the 90's. And I'm loyal. So, you might not have the same tastes as I do (in addition to the fact that we all sorta also like who we like based on our own ethnic orientation). So, I'm going to try to update the list and tell you what tacky, ridiculous 90's thing I saw them in where they first blew my mind.

Also, sorry for the silly Coded Curse words now and then but I do not believe in censorship and will never agree to it. I am an adult, most people currently are, and if anything about this list offends you- take a hike.

Former Intro: I'm sorta still developing this list, so there are a lot of guys left to go up. (List created, in case it doesn't mention: February 2, 2012)

I'm a frosty guy and these guys in their prime can light my fire any day!
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Okay, so... this whole That Guy with the Glasses thing is huge. It may clearly not extend further than the internet and there are a ton of internet-based cultural happenings who haven't even heard of the likes of Spoony, Linkara, and The Cinema Snob. But the fact is that internet reviewing has been huge for several years now. To the point where we actually have mini-flamewar scandals and controversies involving videos taken down following cease-and-desist orders being issued by copyright holders (to say nothing of people who took down videos because of negative feedback). The community of online critics is so big, people even review THEM on YouTube. They show up at conventions, get panels and host classroom discussions, have hundreds of followers on Facebook, and... from the big brouhaha last year over changing laws on the protections of Fair Use, we've heard talk that this all might end in a year or two.

The format was pretty much carved out by Doug Walker in the summer of 2007. Doug started on YouTube but had his videos removed frequently due to unlawful attacks on Fair Use, leading him to become the face of a new website where he was the star and which would basically be dedicated to amateur critics reviewing various pop culture items. For awhile, the first dozen or so reviewers were male and the braintrust of the site (not all-male themselves) decided it was time to broaden the viewerbase. Their idea to do this was to copy Doug in the form of a Nostalgia Chick and several submissions were made on YouTube. In a brilliant move, once the deadline had been reached, the site took not just one chick- but 3. Two animation reviewers (Marz Gurl and That Chick with the Goggles) and a film school graduate with a degree she was itching to put to use, Lindsay Ellis. Who was given the title of Nostalgia Chick. 4 episodes later, her character was already musing on "what do I do now that I'm considered a copy rather than a full-fledged expert?" 3 seasons in, Ellis had begun crafting an irresistible formula of complex technical, social, and political analyzation on films, music, television, and soon to come- books and internet fads. With a range of topics and sub-topics including feminist interpretation, mythology, marketing, product placement, and skewering celebrities for the stupid things they say.

Eventually, she formed her own Channel Awesome (a brand name for the network the critics make as a group) called Chez Apocalypse with a select group of TGwtG reviewers (Oancitizen, Todd in the Shadows, Maven of the Eventide) as well as a group of other broad-discussion based culture reviewers on (Rantasmo, The Bunny Perspective, Folding Ideas). Lindsay truly has a vision for the future of the medium of internet criticism and while her new series (50 Shades of Green) is still shaping up, things have really come a long way from going on throat-tearing rampage rants about "Bat Credit Cards." Haven't they?

Anyway, after rewatching nearly all of her episodes (Season 3's "Dune, Yo" is forever lost in oblivion) anywhere from 3 to 5 times a piece (some more than that), I feel I'm qualified to list her Top 11 Best Episodes (top 11, of course, because of Spinal Tap). All episodes were considered and screened for this list (including the Sexual Awakening of a Nerd series), with the exception of shorts in the file marked For the Fans, or something to that effect. The ones about the Todd-Lupa and FilmBrain-Luke fanfics and The Rape Rap. (This list is subject to some change over time, especially in the 7-11 range.)

Note: I wanted to do this as a proper countdown but I don't think there's a way to structure the numbers in the opposite direction.

Honorable Mentions: Cruel Intentions, Reality Bites, Charlie's Angels, Grease, and Labyrinth.