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Evil Dead (2013)
Don't give up on it if you didn't like the original. It's way better to me.
3 July 2013
When I first heard of the remake I thought it would completely suck. I really don't like the original. I'm not into older films in general but in my opinion it was just weird and rather a sick kind of funny than a shocking Horror. A lack of great visuals really disturbed me there. Next to the rather stupid story. Of course it wasn't going to beat the visuals of the remake as there's simply more possible in film and costumes/make-up nowadays. Also the funniest thing is that you can't get the original here - until today. It's simply not being sold since it got taken from the market back then. A joke to me, there's way more shocking stuff out there. And the remake is out here. Just funny.

Back to the actual film: the first trailer had me. Though the original wasn't for me I thought it seemed quite well done. As a Horror fan that's definitely enough to make me want to see it.

Overall I liked it way more than the original. They created a better storyline around the strange happenings which was kind of missing in the original. Some things like the rain towards the end was a great idea to me. That was really something. Just to mention a few things without giving anything away.

I still can't rate this as a 10 - it was not shocking, rather sick minded and brutal. I know a Horror can be that but you're promised a shocker and it just isn't. Im comparison to other films, a 6-7 would be appropriate to me so I'll make it a 7.
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The best things come in threes - so does Hangover!
31 May 2013
I'm really starting to think I'm seeing different films than other people most of the time. Or my sense of humor is just completely different from everyone else but I honestly loved it! I laughed a lot, I liked the story, I thought it was crazy funny.

I was a little surprised how the giraffe scene I know from the trailer ended. I know it's just a movie but it was a little harsh.

The acting was brilliant,Zack is doing a wonderful job as always! It was great how so many of the past characters were back in it.

Want to see it? Watch it! Don't care for critics! I stopped doing it a long time ago.
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A good day to wonder whether others saw the same film?
18 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, what the hell is going on? My first thought when I read some of the reviews here. Worst movie ever for some? Are you kidding me? Did you just start watching movies and thought it would be better or something? That was so far from worst. And I have seen a great load of films, it's not like I have three to chose a worst from. I'm not judging but I just don't get it. Maybe (for once) it came across better with German dubbing? There's no other explanation for me.

To me the story was great, had some over the top parts - but overall great. There was the family involved, action action action without lack of story, twists, things we love about John. The jokes, the sentence we all know. Did you see what they did to the streets of Moscow or the helicopter crashing down half that building in Tschernobyl? How much more action do you want? The whole Tschernobyl part itself was a little odd to me.

To me definitely a must see if you love part 1-4 but it seems like everyone has to make up their own mind about it. Be open for it.
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Sinister (I) (2012)
Not what I expected - too predictable and too unscary!
28 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
An average score of around 7 is like a 10 in the Horror genre. I've come to known that within time. I don't completely rely on these scores and hardly ever agree on them but to me they're like a benchmark. It rarely happens that this benchmark is very far from what I'd give the movie. Rarely but not never.

I've just seen this film and I already can't think of what I liked about it. The story lacks character, I didn't feel like it was something new. The scares were hardly recognizable to me. What I hated most is the predictability. Not even halftime in I already knew how it would end. I want to be so much into the story that I don't think about such things. That didn't happen for me. The music in a film usually charms it,a film would be nothing without it as I always say but here it was just odd. I didn't like the effects to it.

I really tried to like Sinister but I just didn't. In comparison to other film ratings I can't give it just 1 so I'll make it a 2.
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Beautiful ending to a Saga!
26 November 2012
I hear it all the time... people making fun of The Twilight Saga. "You call that a great Vampire movie? The main guy sparkles... I can't take that serious... My girlfriend made me watch this with her...". Let's not forget that this is also a lovestory, actually a very big part of it, and that Vampires are fictional beings. However the author creates or portrays them - that's the way they are. And they're not too far from original Vampire stories. They are cold, pale, drink blood - all features of a classical Vampire like the famous Dracula. Also the view of these fictional characters has changed. There are more modern stories, movies and series where they don't get burnt in sunlight or drink human blood (I know some in Twilight do but in the modern perspective they chose). It's as simple as the innovation of cars for example. They're still there to get you from one place to another but do they look like 100 years ago? Do they have the same features?

Now to the movie itself:

I thought that the final definitely did the Saga justice. I read the books, of course they're better, what do you expect? I'ts hard to top a book as a movie will never be as extensive and describing in some things. It would also be really sad if that happened.

I hated the fact that they split Breaking Dawn into two but after seeing the first part I was convinced. The way it ended was great, don't want to give away anything here though. You will be surprised even though you might already know they changed up the end a little bit before seeing it. They really had me there. I was sitting there, looking at my friend with this "Woah, are they serious?" expression. I liked the way they changed it, it didn't throw off balance of the concept.

One thing bugged me a little. Aro was being a little too silly at the ending part of the movie. A serious part where this didn't belong that much even though that's part of his character. It was still too much.

The musical choices where right on point by Carter Burwell, as known from the other parts. Really charming the visuals.

One last thing. I read the book about 2 years ago so I can't really tell how different it was from the film anymore. I did remember parts that I read while seeing them but not everything. I don't judge a movie by that anyway. I think about what I see not what I expect to see.

Open your mind a little when seeing this or any Twilight movie. It's not your average Vampire flick.
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unexpectedly fantastic
11 November 2012
I've seen the trailer a while ago and thought this might be a good movie. Didn't really expect anything super special, just something you consider watching whenever.

Yesterday I finally decided to watch the film, simply because I felt like watching a Drama. The first thing you hear is this song. I've never heard it before and I really liked it (Shaun Rust - On Your Side). When a movie starts off with a great song I just get excited about what's to come. Music in a movie is always really important to me, I did like all of them here. They were perfectly chosen. Then there's the story. Though it is a Drama, having parts where you're in tears, it does have some happy moments where you smile while watching it. When a film gets you to show emotions, in this case several ones, it's a huge compliment to it. The story is fantastic. The ending could have gone differently but I like when you have to think about how it's going on yourself. That also makes a movie fantastic, when it gets you to think about the rest.

This film is definitely a must see. I don't often tell friends you HAVE TO watch this and that movie but I will with this one. It's simple, yet amazing.
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History the way you'd never expect it!
15 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I admit, when I first heard about this movie I was really sceptical. Who wouldn't? It sounds completely absurd even as a work of fiction. Who'd think of putting Lincoln and Vampires together in one movie? But after seeing the first trailer I was really looking forward to this as it had the dark mood and right amount of action you'd expect from such a film.

The movie itself is amazing. It wasn't complete fiction where everything was just a story. The important parts of history where in this. Obviously not as they happened, with the Vampires, but always with a touch of real happenings. The deaths of Lincolns mother Nancy and son William, the marriage with Mary Todd, travelling on the Mississippi to New Orleans, his view on slavery and the war, just to mention a view. I as a Vampire fan from child days on thought the way they were portrayed was just right. They might not have been burnt by the sunlight and have two main fangs rather than only fangs but other than that the way they were shown was great. I think seeing this in 3D would've been even better. The action scenes were just right, maybe not as harsh as some thought but to me it didn't have to be all brutal. In fact if it would've been the rest of the story might have been pushed to the background. As I said in other reviews I always like to mention the music as a movie would be nothing without it. It either complements the film or disturbs it with unnecessary songs and sounds. The music was just right, adding the dark mood more intense than a picture only. Last thing: though the final scene was a nice work of graphic going from past to modern present I think the movie should have ended with the Monument done.

9/10, nothing really big I can subtract besides the few little points mentioned. If you're a fan of mystical, fictional movies, not even necessarily with Vampires but also just monsters, this is just for you.
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Interesting spin on the fairy tales inspiration
2 September 2012
When I first heard about the film I wasn't that much interested. I do like fairy tales, maybe I thought it would be "just the same again" with new actors. The mood, darkness and difference of the trailer woke my interest though. The visual effects are mysterious and mystical. I liked that the story is not completely like the inspiration, a great new spin. Charlize Theron's acting as the evil queen Ravenna was simply magesterial. The role couldn't have been presented any better. The other acting was quite good too but hers was outstanding so I had to mention it. I always like to mention the music as well because a movie would be nothing without it. Even though it's in the back it's really important. It really matches the film and gives it more intensity. As amazing the movie was, a little something was missing to me. I'm not even sure what though. I'm giving it a 8/10.
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Seems like a hate it or love it movie...
17 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First of all I must say that the trailer really made me want to watch this. It looked like something new, never seen. I was waiting for it to finally be released. It's not even out here (Germany) yet! 4 months after being released in many countries. That is happening to a lot of "expected to be great" movies here I'd like to see before everyone is talking about it on the internet. Mostly happening to Horror. Of course this has nothing to do with the movie but I'm sure everyone can understand how upsetting and frustrating that is. Anyway I'm so glad I got to watch this before actually going to the movies because I would've been really disappointed. Kudos for the things like the originality, no question. That was really something different. Other than that the movie was just strange and random. To me they started totally wrong. I really thought I was watching the wrong film! Showing that there's something or someone behind the happenings right at the beginning was bad. Things should be revealed, discovered by the viewers imagination, not handed to them, chopped and ready to be fed. Once it looked like it was the right movie and the characters were introduced it got better. But then, towards the end, it got back to bad. The very end was just as bad as the beginning. Endings tend to be bad most of the time so I'm not pushing on that.

As I read some reviews I came to the conclusion that you either hate or love this movie. Hate might be a harsh expression to what I thought but if I had to chose that would be my answer.
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Battleship (2012)
A lesson I learned before: don't judge a film by its trailer! Way better than I expected.
10 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I first saw the trailer to this movie at the end of 2011, while being at the cinema watching Mission Impossible 4. It started of in the most interesting way which awakened my interest (talking about the ocean being huge, gigantic to hide). As soon as the UFO came out of the water that interest dropped down rapidly as I thought this was just going to be another of these Action alien attack movies. I was pretty sure to never watch this until I watched it anyway, as I remembered to be open to every movie, which I had learned from another great movie that I thought was total waste but watched it one day and saw the following ones at the movies. Now to the actual film. It is a really interesting thought on how we would handle it if we knew there might be life on a different planet. Would we take a risk to contact? Would we, warned from all these movies, rather not? I know alien attacks are a movie thing but no one can ever tell what would really happen. What I didn't like in this movie was that it seemed like the aliens were just attacking machines and war ships for no obvious reason. On the other hand this film surprised me. As I said my interest was very low after the complete trailer. There were many little stories in this too. The guy who can't do anything right who becomes important and has to take control. The underdog who is wounded from fight, can't get back on his feet but in the end is all in it again. With a will. The retired who are willing to risk their lives again. Just a few examples here. I also loved the music. Didn't expect some of these great big songs and hits. I've seen that the critics are very different and I'm glad I watched it because it was a solid movie with a few things I didn't like but when do we ever watch a perfect movie? This showed me that sometimes you shouldn't judge too early about films you've only seen a trailer of.
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