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Third Star (2010)
Beautiful, memorable, heartrending, and transcendent
1 June 2011
The performances are intriguing and, in particular, Cumberbatch is memorable and often mesmerizing as James, a terminally ill young man. The scenery is beautiful, and the backdrop of the Welsh coastline thematically frames the friends' journey to help James visit his favorite place on earth. Although death is often the emphasis of reviews, the film plays up the importance of love and friendship, highlighting just what makes us alive.

The audience likely will recognize or identify with a personality or two among the four friends making the journey to Barafundle Bay, but the film doesn't resort to "types." The friends have different opinions about their own--and each other's--lives, but they share a bond that can't be broken.

As other reviewers have noted, you should stick with the film for the final payoff. Undoubtedly you'll be left with something to think about--and shouldn't that be one aim of a good film?
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