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After just finding out Andy Whitfield passed away, I decided to make this list to honor and remember a few great people who I wish were still here. This isn't everyone I regret thats dead, just a handful of thoughts.
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In no order
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My favorite TV characters who are portrayed as "ladies-men". No Order
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The unexpected third part installment of my Amazing Actors trilogy. Remember if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. (No Order)
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NO ORDER. This is a continued list to my first one. Just like the first list this will include 25 Amazing Actors(In My Opinion). Some people will like these actors, others won't. Just remember "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Unlike my first list in this one I won't include movies I enjoy from the actor.
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Best Action Stars In My Opinion.

No Order, Cause Their All Awesome

I don't have Chuck Norris, because he can't act. I don't have Arnold for hte same reason, and i have De Niro because of action movies like Ronin and Righteous Kill
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1 or 2 of my choices we're actually cast in the movie Troy, but I also added more characters that we're very significant in the Trojan War, but for some reason weren't put in the film.
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Based on the video game Heavy Rain
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Some people really like a few of these actors, but this is my personal opinion.
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They may or may not be the greatest, but their still pretty awesome. (No Order)
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In No Order
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In no order except for #1
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In no order, except for #1

The movie/movies underneath the actor, are the movie/movies i think that actor did an incredible job in.

Don't complain about other great actors I didn't include, because I'm making a sequel to this list which will include another 25 amazing actors.