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Hat in the Long Grass, 14 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A well dressed stranger in a suit comes across a dead man and when he stops to investigate finds the dead man has been shot in the back. He tries to get the dead man's horse but the horse takes off so he goes back and gets the dead man's gun.

Later the Sheriff tells Ramrod and Steve that the Judge has had a another, but this time fatal, run-in with a well known adversary resulting in the Judge being under suspicion of murder.

The Virginian (Ramrod) finds out that a Ralph Slocum has sold the horse of the dead man and caught a train out of town so likewise catches a train to follow to North Bend Montana.

On the train a husky voiced woman named Angela, who says she's is a singer, asks to sit next to Ramrod as a fatherly type is accosting her. Later at North Bend she is apparently told by an unknown deputy to leave town on a non-existent 3 o'clock train!

Hard Labour, 26 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Roy Tate dons a new suit dressing up for a trip to a town where he is having time off and also to hopefully meet an old flame is she is still working there.

While there he plays cards with a slippery fingered con-artist who has tried to get the saloon owner John Driscoll to go shares in his gambling venture stating he can't lose.

Tate wins a round but when he tries to collect the pot he is accused of having cards up his sleeve and, to prove this, slippery fingers pulls a card out of Tates clothing.

When Tate says he wants to get the card shark for lying, and betting crook, there is an opportunity for Driscoll frame Tate for the killing of the slippery fingered con artist.

Night Stampede, 25 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Colonel MacKenzie is out on a cattle drive with Tate and other ranch hands when a wolf sets off the steers. After the herd is settled a calf is heard bellowing in the distance followed by wolf howl.

The ranch hands warn Colonel MacKenzie that wolf hunting is dangerous but the Colonel insists he has hunted all his life, for many prey including tigers, so knows what he his doing.

Meanwhile back in town the bank has been robbed of seven thousand dollars and the town Sheriff meets Colonel MacKenzie on the trail and so the two hunters part company after their respective prey.

The Colonel is hunting the wolf using a trailing bait so but little does he realize the wolf is actually hunting him!

When to quit!, 23 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Virginian and a ranch hand are in a saloon when Ramrod tells the ranch hand it's time to go but, after the Virginian has left, there is a fight over a local woman.

The next morning the Virginian finds out the ranch hand is incapacitated from the fight, as he is hobbling around in broken slippers not his boots, so he rides off without the ranch hand.

The Virginian is later drinking from a pool when he is set upon by a would-be robber but who loses in a fight with the Virginian.

Ben Hunter arrives with a posse to tell the Viginian's attacker to move on, without the mare he took from Ben, and then tells the Virginian to go with them to his home where he gloats over his local status.

Forgotten Hero, 22 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

American Indian braves kill a moonshine brewer and burn his log cabin in the opening scene and then the movie switches to where Colonel MacKenzie is watching cattle branding in progress.

A cavalry troupe arrives and the Colonel exchanges pleasantries with the troupe leader Lieutenant Dorn. They discusses a looming threat by Indian braves out to reclaim the lands by attacking white settlers.

It also appears that a long forgotten apparently dead soldier from India, whom Parker and Colonel MacKenzie recognize from ten years ago, has arrived in the form of Sergeant Mulchay.

Parker is asked to keep an eye on Sergeant Mulchay by Colonel MacKenzie but he leaves the fort by horse as Parker calls out "Lieutenant Baxter"!

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Party Poopers, 21 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sibling rivalry is brought to the fore when Amanda and Will Benson exchange words whilst dancing. The dancing and partying at the local hall is interrupted by Sam Donner who insists that the use of barbed wire is against local unwritten policy of letting steers free range.

When Will Benson goes outside he is set upon by Sam Donner's son and Will is injured however he refuses to give up the attacker to the law.

The Virginian offers the services of Tate to help out with fencing on the Benson ranch, while the owner goes off for a few days, and whilst her father is away 16 year old Amanda gets interested in Tate.

The argument over the fence continues with a visitor witness to the event and who stops the fight with a gunshot from a dropped revolver

Double Deal, 20 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Agreed this is an almost exact copy of a previous episode and the acting is nowhere near as good.

The storyline is as follows:

Colonel MacKenzie is riding past a snow capped mountain and sees a dark horse in the distance with a dazed rider. When Colonel MacKenzie approaches the rider is thrown off her horse so the Colonel takes her to a cabin where he puts her on a bed and is able to ascertain her name is Melissa.

The cabin's owner Muley arrives with a long rifle and the Colonel greets him to avoid being a target. Together they look after the woman Melissa much to Muley's initial disdain as he has a policy of no females in his cabin.

Down in the valley below a man, who says he is her brother, is looking for her as she was supposed to go to a wedding and has gone missing.

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Bullied Beef, 19 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Opening on a downed Angas bull which has been poisoned by Loco weed, after a fence was cut, and the Virginian later meeting the widow, Laura Duff, of the property founder.

Her son Jimmy is hot to trot in getting revenge but is talked to by the alcoholic ranch foreman Reedy not that it did much good as it appears Jimmy is intent on causing trouble no matter what.

It looks as though there are a few more suspects than first appears and one in particular is rather close to home. When the Virginians's conversation with Laura about investigating the fence being cut is overheard this leads to the Virginian being shot.

Mistaken Identity, 18 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Trampas loses his saddlebags in a storm and stumbles over a sign for Spencer Flats showing the population as 2103. However, upon arriving there, Trampas hears a Dutch Organ which draws him to the saloon and seeing nobody around helps himself to a beer plus a meal.

Little does Trampas realize he is being watched by two of the town's three people, two sisters one named Della, who believes him to be a wanted outlaw and who is intent on killing him at the first opportunity.

After much conjecture with each other, and Teddy the third person in the town, Trampas is allowed to live until the Sheriff arrives. More trouble comes when the next man arrives in town and he is assumed to be the Sheriff and this causes Trampas more concern.

Deadly Dynamite, 16 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The valley that Troy is riding through cracks with the sound of gunfire and soon Troy comes upon a man with a rifle who warns him that a hunting party is out and that it's better he takes the other trail.

However Troy has been in the saddle many days and said he would rather take the shortcut with the result that he runs into the prey and then the hunting party.

The prey turns out to be a familiar animal with a disability that seems to change the situation somewhat. Troy takes the prey into town, after avoiding the hunting party, but the local sheriff is not keen on looking after the situation due to the fact that a popular local man Burt has been killed.

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