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Basically what the title says (only my opinions here). I didn't include actors that also have singing careers (for example, Victoria Justice, even though she is really good). I only wanted to put actors that I didn't know sang and sing as a hobby or only occasionally in movies (and actors that maybe have a singing career, but are primarily actors, ex. Mandy Moore).

I feel like there's a bunch I'm missing, so more to come. Plus, I'll put a movie/episode that they sing in for each actor.
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These guys were all suggested for the part of Jace and some of them are absolutely ridiculous (Hayden Christensen? Really?)

Update: I made this when I was young and stupid. Although Aex Pettyfer was my ideal Jace, I really think JCB will do a great job.
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These are my casting choices for the supporting characters of the Percy Jackson series. I can't think of anyone to play Tyson or Frank, though.
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The Iron Fey is a series by Julie Kagawa, I highly recommend it.

(under construction)
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NOT FINISHED (way out of order)

LFA: Looking For Alaska
AAOK: An Abundance Of Katherines
TFIOS: The Fault In Our Stars
PT: Paper Towns
WGWG: Will Grayson, Will Grayson
It's been awhile since I've read all of these, so the reason certain people aren't cast is because I couldn't remember who I imagined them as.
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Please note that the people I want to be cast as The Flock and Ella would've been perfect if we went back in time six years.

sorry the links are so long :)
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I might have to read these books again because I saw my friend's cast list and I was like "Who's Leevy? And who the heck is Purnia?" I'm having trouble remembering some of the characters.

I JUST SAW THE HUNGER GAMES AND IT WAS AMAZING. I used to think the casting job was absolutely horrible, but now I think it was perfect and totally understand why they were picked for the roles. I'm still kind of sad that this cast will never be used, though.
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So apparently there's supposed to be a character named Devlin? I haven't read about him yet, but the entire fandom thinks Hayden Christensen should play him (so if I don't update for awhile, just assume I agree).
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Suggestions for Jinx and Kid Flash, please!?

(under construction)
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I still like some of these shows and movies now !
(this list is pending)

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For some reason, my reply button doesn't work, so I won't be able to reply, sorry! <3 xx
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I didn't really imagine Gally as any celebrity...
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(Pending as I find new annoyances)

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(pending) I wish all of these movies would come out RIGHT NOW!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: Thanks for any and all support! :) Imdb won't let me comment for some odd reason so I have to say it up here
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There are links given to see their eyes up close
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Andy Sixx and Alex Evans definitely make the cut, but they're not actors.

Andy Sixx:

Alex Evans: