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About a year and a half ago I spent several months watching as many 21st century movies as I could. Out of those hundreds of films, I reduced them all to a "small" list of what I thought were the most lasting and entertaining movies. Now that quite some time has passed I've started re-watching all of those films on my list in order to see which ones have aged well and which ones have not. Some films have moved up a notch or two while others have fallen quite a bit out of my favor. This time I'm being far more relentless when I judge the films.

In essence, this is my list of top-tier 21st century cinema. I'm only listing films here that I gave 5/5 or 4.5/5 and would be able to recommend to a fellow film lover without any hesitation. I will update the list with more films (if warranted) as I continue my journey...

The list is in alphabetical order starting with those films that I gave 5/5.

Edit 1/25/2013: Currently I've gone through 63 of the 100+ movies from my other list (and I've been watching what I thought were the best films from that list first).
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This is a list of the most well-made motion pictures (short film, feature length and TV) of all time from the beginning of film up to the present. There are still a few "classics" that I haven't seen so this list could potentially grow. Right now, though, these are masterpieces of film that are absolute must-sees.
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This is a companion piece to my original list "The Most Well-Made Movies Since 2000: Future Movie Classics" (

This list can only grow as I watch more and more movies so stay tuned for new additions!

Comments and suggestions are welcome :)
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I'm currently re-watching all of the films that I've seen since 2000 (plus checking out all of the ones that I haven't seen) so that I can look at these films with a new and critical eye. Some movies have remained classics in my eyes, others aren't quite as good as I remember them being, and some I've actually liked a lot more this time around. These movies are prime examples of quality filmmaking, whether they are adult dramas, action movies or teenage comedies. They grab your attention from the very start and never let go. Above all, though, they are, in my opinion at least, the most memorable films of the decade.

As I watch more films this list has the potential to grow so stay tuned!

List of Honorable Mentions:

Number of 2000s movies that I've checked out so far: 900+

Comments are welcome :)

*Updated 9/24/2011
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If you're new to the world of cinema I strongly believe that these films in particular will do the best job at really getting you into film.