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Endure (2010)
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We're psycho killers... but you won't know why...., 7 April 2012

Overall a good movie that grabs you for the 1st few minutes and then kind of drags a bit. I wish the movie would have explored the psycho killers more so you knew what made them that way... The movie was only 1 1/2 hours so even if they added another 15 minutes, it would have helped. Also, there was no urgency to find the girl. The detectives upon discovering the photo and other evidence in the car should have brought in search dogs and at least made an attempt to find her. They wouldn't have had to go into the woods very far. But then, we wouldn't have had the movie.... But overall a good film. The filmography was beautiful.

The Cursed (2010/I)
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Satan must be disappointed!, 21 January 2012

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This movie starts out interesting when the little girl is looking for her cat and wanders into the woods, something you'd think her mother would have warned her against. When the mom finds only her hand you think this is going to be a bad ass movie! Sweet! Then it takes a U-turn and gets slow like a typical bad horror film. A mysterious stranger comes to town and animals and people start dying off. The sheriff tells him we don't want "no trouble"-which of course is what they get! And it's all the stranger's fault, even though the town has a history of disappearances and bizarre things. This movie has so many clichés that you and your partner can take turns saying them! Like the sexy, young librarian that doesn't exist in real life! The mysterious stranger just happens to be writing a book about murders in the south and comes into the library. She gives him a book with all the history that she has just for that occasion! As he reads, he begins to figure out what has alluded the towns people for hundreds of years! Really??! His friend happens to have a rifle that shoots at "mock 20" (WTF is that?) And we all know that the creature is sooo fast a regular gun just won't do... When the sheriff and his wife are murdered, the sheriff duties fall to his younger brother. The townsfolk don't trust his abilities and want to form a vigilante group. He doesn't believe this is a good idea-if nothing else to prove he isn't 100% redneck, but only 85%. And we all know he has a "murder investigation to attend to!" We find that the mysterious stranger and the creature are related. His ancestor turned to the dark side when all his slaves were freed. Well, he was old and pathetic and Satan was bored, so he turned him into the "creature" who after hundreds of years wants "released" and has been "waiting" for the stranger, which is kinda like his salvation or something. The ending is even worse. You don't know who shot who and you don't really care.

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Awesome movie!, 28 May 2011

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This was a entertaining and creative movie that shouldn't be taken too seriously or compared to Twilight. There are some token comparisons that could be made, but Twilight is more of a chick flick whereas I am Number Four is more of an action film. I believe that the cast was strong and the characters are imaginative and funny. In fact, the movie at times makes fun of itself i.e. the bad guys that are trying to hunt down and kill Number Four and others like him. They speak a different language during the film, but then the head guy has to get information from the humans in English, and it turns out he is quite humorous. The ending is left open in a sense but only for a sequel duh. And as far the bully turning nice you could either say he felt what it was like to be bullied and/or the fact that his life was saved. Don't disappoint yourselves in taking this movie too seriously. It is meant to be fun so get out your popcorn and enjoy!