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Why it is so? It's one of these reason: - I watched it on TV and got distracted by something and did not get the chance to watch it back. - It was on TV and I just started watching it from the middle or so - I slept through it because I was completely tired. - I pressed play and regretted that after awhile cause I am not in the mood. In all cases, too bad I did not go back to watching those movies
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Meaningless, boring, terrible, or just plain stupid movies that I've watched recently.
Most of these movies are (2 out of 10) or less.
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Good movies (Drama/Action/Thriller/....) that make your eyes glued to the screen :)
Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating but these movies are interesting!
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Interesting independent movies that you may consider watching. Some of these movies are really worth watching while others are so so. Check my ratings :)
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All TV series or mini series that I've watched.
It's either I've seen it all or keeping myself up to date.
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All comedies that I've seen whether they were great or not :)

I tried to stay away from "Romantic Comedies" unless I thought they were good enough to be considered as "Comedies"
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Animated movies!
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Great or not. I wanna watch these movies soon.
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Hi I'm Ghada and I'm "chick-flicks-aholic"
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My list of all the horror/thriller/mystery/twisted movies I've seen. They're not necessarily scary but they could fit this genre well. After all, it's my list and this is my opinion so I could understand your disagreement :p
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The Title Tells It All !!
Some great and powerful drama movies ..
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Mostly Asian, Arabic and French movies that I've seen
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For as long as I can remember, I loved watching people dance and enjoy the music. I guess that's why I'm kinda hooked on this type of movies no matter how silly the movies really are.
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"My" favorite movies of all time!
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I've heard alot of good stuff about these series and that's why I wanna watch them.
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Just to show my appreciation for short films <3
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TV shows that I've seen some episodes of but have not got the chance to finish them up. Some of them are really worth watching while others are not.
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The title tells it all.
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All about Asia! Mostly Korean or Japanese.

Other dramas:
- Witch Amusement (Korean)
- U turn (Korean)
- Sweet Room (Japanese)