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Children/teens andventure films.
Drama, comedy, adventure,romance,coming out, family movies...
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Movies about war and related to it.
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Adventure,Sci-Fi & fantasy movies list that i have seen and i want to see
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List of various documentary & Biography films
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This is the list of horror, comedy-horror, mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller, crime movies that I watched and I am going to.
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Films list from 2010 to watch
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List of movies 2016
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TV shows tv series list that I watched, I am watching, I want to see and I recommend to watch for others.
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2014 Films list that i want to see and i recommend to others. It's my suggestion of 2014 movies to watch
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List of western movies
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Movies to watch in 2013
This is 2013 feature films which i recommend to see.
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Movies made in 2011
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2012 Movies films i want to watch and i recommend to watch for others. And at the end of the list are few bad movies which i recommend to watch and convince it by yourself.
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Movies of 2018
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James Bond films from first to last
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Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, Guardian of the Galaxy, Anti Man...
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All Elvis Presley films [list]
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Movies Tv Movies or Mini Series