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Wonderland (2003)
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Did he do it?, 21 February 2004

This movie is great to me as a real which story is real. I like trying to figure some things out on my own. The acting was pretty good and the murders were very brutal. I hope you have a strong stomach. This is a film that you need to watch the police footage with to get all the details. I hope to watch this film again someday and try and figure it out but now with John dead no one may ever know what really happened.

EuroTrip (2004)
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Good Raunchy Fun, 21 February 2004

In the tradition of American Pie here is another comedy for adults involving teens. The movie is not well put together but the laughs keep coming. The film is definitly R rated and has enough male and female nudity to last a lifetime. It is still a good film and should be watched soon while in theatres.

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Happy ending?, 21 February 2004

I won't give anything away but I thought this film could have gone somewhere else. It was funny and kind of crude. It was what you expect from Sandler and he is a very funny guy. Drew was good and played her role well. The film was okay and had some good laughs but I just felt it missed something. Oh well check it out if you have a chance it is a good date movie.

Thirteen (2003)
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Not so typical, 21 February 2004

This is supposed to be about a typical teenager in today's society and is based on one of the actresses stories about her life. However, after seeing the film I think they are trying to produce a stereotype out of one story. Yes teens face problems with all these things everyday but not every teen falls into such a downward spiral. This is a movie made for adults with troubled teens and nothing more. I do have to say that Holly Hunter did an excellent job as the mother in the film. If you do watch this do not expect much except some wild teen action.

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First was Better, 6 February 2004

Although I thought this movie was really funny the first was still better. It was wrapped around more controversy. Also this movie was made for Cedric. He is the central point of the movie. Not that I mind b/c he is a great comedian. Queen Latifah was very underused but it seems that she has her own barber/beauty movie coming out so that will make up for it. I also like the fact that the Barbershop movies talk about real problems with the way society thinks about things. This movie is good and needs to be watched. I own the first and will own the second.

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Average Teen Film. Scarlett still Great., 31 January 2004

I think that this film was missing many things in making it good. It was your average teen film with nothing special. Plot was kind of like that of the movie Cheaters. The movie was borderline R rated. The only pluses were the stoned guy the whole film and Scarlett who is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses. If you must see this film go into it with no thought and you may actually like it. Or you could just go see it for the only two good things mentioned above.

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Awesome Film, 28 January 2004

This film is one of my all time favorites. Although I am not a big fan of either Damon or Affleck I still have to say they wrote a great film. This is movie I could watch over and over again. The language in it is horrible but I look past that. I think that this film should be seen by almost everyone. Check this film out as soon as you get a chance.

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Fun and disgusting, 28 January 2004

This movie was funny. I was not entirely impressed with it but it was something fun to do for about 2 hours. I think that the film was missing something. It seemed while I watched it that there should have been more to it. It is not your ordinary sappy romance because it is kind of sick at parts. The fart type jokes are all the way through the film. If you have time and are looking for some fun check the film out. It really isn't that bad.

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Suprisingly Good, Smart Great, 28 January 2004

This film was actually not bad. I think that Ashton Kutcher is not a good actor but this film does show improvements from some of his others. Amy Smart does an excellent job with changing characters. I think she is going places as an actress. The film itself starts fast and ends slow. It was kind of depressing and it made you laugh at all the wrong times. I do think this film is worth watching. Check it out when you get a chance.

Another sappy chic flic, 28 January 2004

There is not much I can say about this film. If you like chic flics watch it immediately. It has nothing really special. No great acting. Some decent looking stars. The funniest person in the movie is the girl playing Kathy. The way she keeps talking about things is great. If you are male find a girl to watch it with. You will need to.

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