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Pretty self-explainatory.
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A bunch of movies coming out in 2012.
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According to common sense!
From all decades!
Not in any order!
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Those are also the only Hitchcock films I have seen.Just my opinion man.

Alfred Hitchcock made 52 films in his long,fruitful career.I have only seen 4 of them.48 films left....YAY!
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The Title says a lot.
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Just my opinion man...

**Lousy accidently found sex tapes do not count.**
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In that order! The Star Wars films are the reasons why my third favourite color is red.
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Will add more :D
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Clint Eastwood and John Wayne.Not in any order.
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Overall a fine franchise.
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One movie,one year.115 movies,115 years.
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Not in any order.
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These people deserve more recognition.
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The title explains everything.
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Famous actors,musicians,(and celebrities) who have put their voice into the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise...

You may find one or two legends on this list...
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Not in any order.
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This list is pointless.This list is a waste of your time.This list totally should not exist.This list damages your braincells.This list damages the reputation of the person who created it. But...........the exact same thing can be said about the films these following people have created/starred in.
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I know some of these people have been acting for 10 years or so,but......

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a list of 14 titles
My opinion :)
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I only add films I have seen

Johnny Depp films I have not seen

Donnie Brasco
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Alice In Wonderland
Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas
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Will add more soon.I only add films I have seen.Not in that order.

Westerns I have not seen:
The ox-bow incident
Red River
The Paleface
For a Few Dollars More
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The best films this genius has written and/or directed

I have not seen Death Proof nor Dusk till Dawn
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Responsible for a lot of stuff.
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Not in that order.Those are the ones I have seen.

I have not seen:
Close Encounters of the third kind
Minority Report
Total Recall
Matrix Reloaded
Matrix Reveloutions
and so on...

Going to add more soon
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Filmmakers/Actors/Celebrities with no talent.This list is 99.9 % accurate.
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Actresses I like.Not in any particular order.