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I've decided to add my watchlist to the ones I've seen, just because I really like big lists. Plus I feel like looking at this will be easier than making an actual watchlist, for some reason.

Also, I'm awful at reviewing my own list. If I had a dollar for every time I accidentally put some sort of romantic comedy on the list and noticed after it was published, I've have 15-20 dollars. As pointed out in the comment section, I've put movies that DON'T EXIST on this thing. Why? Negligence? Ignorance? Laziness? All of the above. So if you see some sort of non-horror on this, please tell me so I can fix that. Unless the movie was so awful that it scared you that such a thing was ever given a green light... then it may be intentional.
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This is really an inside-ish list.
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Slashers, Zombies, Horror Comedy, Psychological thrillers, etc. Horror has many faces, as it should, considering how many horrors come out every year. Some fade out into obscurity, some become cult classics, and some stay with the public for years. This list (hopefully) has a little bit of all three of those categories.

If you disagree with a movie on the list, you're free to say so, but don't be hateful because of other people's opinions. If you want to make a recommendation, please do so. It's in no particular order.
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This is just the opinion of a fan.
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Some are cheesy, some are classics, all are pretty enjoyable in different ways.
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Let's face it: These movies aren't exactly The Exorcist, The Shining, The Thing, Jaws, Psycho, or The Evil Dead. But I absolutely love them. Most of the time is because they're great sources of unintentional humor.
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Heroes, villians, and everything else.
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No particular order.