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Great film to reflect upon, 11 March 2014

I didn't want to see Drinking Buddies - but I'm glad I did. It's now on NetFlix.

I had no idea what to expect going into this movie. I probably wouldn't have given it a second look if Olivia Wilde wasn't in it. Not because she is beautiful (which she is) but because I think she is a very intelligent, talented actor.

I wasn't disappointed.

The film was slow to draw me in. But it did. By the end, some interesting questions were raised about relationships, fidelity, friendships, and marriage. Some of these questions aren't immediately apparent, and may even take a day or two to mull them over. But they - along with some great performances - definitely made Drinking Buddies a film worth watching. It's the kind of movie that you'll find yourself reflecting upon days later.

If you are an intelligent person who likes to sit around with friends discussing the film you just watched, then Drinking Buddies is the film for you. I highly recommend it.

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A retired nuclear physicist involved in the Manhattan project searches for meaning surrounding a personal tragedy that altered the direction of his life., 2 October 2011

Outstanding performances by Danny Glover and Bruce Greenwood ground this interesting introspective investigation into déjà vu., time, and personal loss.

Well directed by Jim Cliffe, we see Glover's character Donovan slowly emerge from the fog of alcoholism, fighting to solve a mystery surrounding haunting déjà vu experiences. The viewer is drawn through this well constructed story at a very comfortable pace, with a sprinkle of humour that makes this drama extremely entertaining.

Donovan's Echo is multi-layered yet suitable for family viewing. It is bound to stimulate some interesting discussion afterwards.

Special mention must also be made of the very strong performance by Natasha Calis who plays Maggie.

With elements of an art-house film, Donovan's Echo will be remembered as THE sleeper indie success of 2011.