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I have been crushing on Kate Mara for some time now. She is cute,sexy and talented I might just adore her more than I do Amy Adams. Allot of her movies are hard to find but I am trying here is my collection so far.
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I already did my "robert de niro top 20", but this is the movies that I own of my favorite actor. This is in no paticular order.
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Even though I don't post much on her boards, I do like Ms Beckinsale. She has one of the most sexiest voices as well bods and she has acting talent. Here is my Kate Beckinsale Movie Collection.
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I adore Amy Adams. It's a crime she is has not won an award yet...soon. Here is my Amy collection.
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I love western's..especially Clint's western's. Here is a list of my Clint Eastwood Western Collection.
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In my underrated actor's list, I put Rutger Hauer on there. While I enjoy his movies, I LOVE his movies where he is the bad guy. He is the only other person along with De niro who is good at being the bad guy.
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This list is, who I feel are the 10 most underrated actors out there.
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This is a list of 10 actressess who I believe are super talented and super hot as well.