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Nice little film with a big heart., 21 February 2004

At a pivotal time in their lives when the fears and myths of childhood are gradually giving way to the fears and myths of adulthood, four young boys accidentally find out the location of the dead body of a boy their own age who's disappearance has dominated the news. They set out across the fields to find the body and win themselves fame as its discoverers.

Emotionally rewarding movie about friendship and growing up. Director Rob Reiner has drawn top notch performances from his young actors and the storyline benefits from the natural and fairly honest way the boys relate to each other.

Ed Wood (1994)
One of moviedom's greatest failure/success stories, 21 February 2004

Ever cheerful cross-dressing movie maker Ed Wood is now famous as 'the worst director of all time' and his schlocky movies are now treasured for their unintentional hilarity. But to his mind they were great art and were all destined to be blockbusters.

The three movies dealt with here, 'Glen or Glenda', 'The Bride of the Monster' and 'Plan 9 from Outer Space' were only a small part of his output. This movie concentrates mainly on his relationship with Bela Lugosi whom he befriended long after Lugosi's career ended and who starred in several of Woods' opuses before his death in 1956.

Shot in black and white it features some fine acting performances and a perceptive script that is redolent with irony and humour but still manages to deal sensitively and even affectionately with the main characters.

Who'd have thought that a few circles could have so much character?, 21 February 2004

A whole new world of bad language is opened up to the boys when they sneak in to see the new Terrance and Philip movie. Their new found vocabularies impress their friends who all decide that they have to see it too. Their teachers and parents, however, are not amused. The boys soon find themselves in deep s***. But not as deep as Terrance and Philip who are charged with corrupting the youth of America and ordered to be executed. Canada takes umbrage at this treatment of its favourite sons and war ensues.

The movie peters out somewhat after the inspired "Les Miserables" spoof, but the first part sparkles with savage wit and humour and the songs are terrific. Along the way the satire manages to score bull's-eyes on quite a few worthy targets.

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Hell, Upside Down, 16 November 2003

The aging liner Poseidon, on her final journey, is struck by a tidal wave that knocks her upside down. A small group of passengers realise that if they want to survive they must journey up into the bowels of the ship hoping for rescue from above.

The idea is well conceived and the excellent cast turn in good performances despite getting little help from the somewhat corny script. With above average special effects for the time and excellent sets that convincingly realise the upside down half-flooded ship and its bewildering maze of passageways, the movie manages to be compelling and exciting viewing.

A good time had by all., 16 November 2003

When Jake Blues is released from prison he finds that his band has broken up, his brother Elwood has swapped the Bluesmobile for a microphone and the orphanage where he grew up is about to be closed for non payment of taxes. On visiting a local church, Jake sees the light and realises what to do. He and Elwood embark on a rough and tumble quest to put the band back together and raise the cash to bail out the orphanage. Along the way they make enemies of several police forces, a redneck country band, and a group of Illinois Nazis. There's also a mystery woman with a quest of her own - to blow Jake Blues to Kingdom Come.

Spectacular stunts, good fun, great music, and remember they're on "a mission from God".

Cut Price Chills, 13 September 2003

Reasonably effective horror/science-fiction a la "Alien" is fairly well done given its limited ambitions. Some nice special effects and well paced action sequences adequately patch the cracks in the rather tiresome dialogue. When a space craft crash lands on a remote planet the survivors soon become aware that a hideous terror awaits them in the dark of the upcoming total eclipse.