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Excellent British crime/drama, 28 May 2011

Some very well acted scenes. William Lucas and Zena Walker play off each other wonderfully.

The director Francis A. Searle made great use of location shots, including: 'The Pilot' public house and Brentford Dock, Brentford, Middlesex,England, UK.

This stems from Searle's work at Gaumont-British where he joined their instructional unit and made documentaries.

This coupled with outstanding cinematography adds a feel of documentary and realism.

You feel for Lucas's character ; Don Mason. One twist after another. Unexpected punchline.

Summary; Watch and enjoy! I'm sure you will! Excellent!

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Good B-Movie!, 28 May 2011

OK, so it's not Taylor/Burton material! But so what? Remarkable as it was only shot in five days! Why do 'Premier' Movies take months........?

I think this is a testament to excellent acting/directing and production skills. There is a good story line, albeit a little predictable.

All in all a very watchable movie. I feel the actors delivered exactly what was required of them. We must remember this was filmed in the late Fifty's and 'Aired' in 1962.

A very different time and place from today! If you get the chance please watch this film.