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There are 100s and 1000s of science fictions films. But only certain are good and watchable. Of which, only few are really very good. And you can actually number out those that are unique. That's exactly what I have done in this list.
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Not every superhero films are how they promise it to be. Only some, like the ones in this list, make superhero films worth watching.
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Celebs I think will make the perfect cast for San Andreas characters. I would hardly adapt the same story if I were the director though.

Comment if you have better choices or if I have left out characters.
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Some films have great ideas. But poorly executed. And it is so poorly filmed that it spoils the fun of the concept.

Some films of this sort are listed here.
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There are many crime+courtroom thrillers. But only some of them pull you into the world of the movie itself.