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Its possible...., 16 March 2008

When i was about 8 years old my father bought me and my brothers a video of Deputy Dawg. I remember he had some sidekick who i think was some kind of blind beaver and he used to say "its possible, its possible, its possible..." in this funny way and that has stuck with me to this day.

The only episode that sticks out in my mind is when they had a "do-it-yourself" speedboat delivered and just remember laughing so hard watching it.

Im sure if it was played on T.V. today it would win a whole new generation of young (and old) fans.

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entertaining none the less....., 2 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I work in a cinema and had the fortunate task of watching the movie, on my own, in a very large screen. This gave me the added pleasure of being able to scream as much as i needed to! This movie is very entertaining at best but it was spoiled for me knowing that large parts were stolen from other films (blair witch, alien, Godzilla..) The monster to me was terrifying the film was really only watchable when it was somewhere on screen.

I personally never felt nauseous and believe that the camera gave just the right amount of screen time it needed to to any subject.

In summary, it wont win any Oscars, but it will sure keep you up at night!

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It just came out of no where, 26 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was the first episode of Spaced I ever saw and definitely my favorite. But I only saw it originally from the 2nd half on. So when *(and here comes the SPOILER ALERT)* they start the imaginary war fighting with the just came out of no where in my eyes. Of course now I own both series and know them all inside out, but its typical of their humor to just pull things out of no where. Like when Marsha's parallel universe ego is on the T.V. and it cuts back to Tim like he was conversing with her.

To put it simply, I love it, love it, love it!! If I could write a comment for all the episode i would, but i haven't the patience!! As far as I'm concerned, it's Fawlty Towers for the generation x.

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this girl is not happy with this film, 15 August 2003

i went to go see this movie on the pretense that it was "the best horror flick in 10 yrs". well i can honestly say that whoever said that must not have SEEN, a horror film in 10 yrs!

i have never wanted to walk out of a film so badly in my life. the only thing that kept me seated was the hope that it might be one of those bad films with a great ending but oh boy was i wrong.

the only good thing i do have to say about it is that visually it is quite good with the blood and guts and all but the story and plot stank and quite frankly i am shocked to see they have made a sequall.

so i warn you people do not watch this film, it is bad bad bad, and not in a good way! rent out human trafick instead. deadly film!!