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Celebrities that are supposed to be funny but..... (vomiting)
Many Will Disagree... I Know It.
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Actors Who Make You Laugh Everytime You See Them
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Movies that in the end something unpredictable happens..
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Any Suggestions ?? Feel Free to Comment
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There are millions of actors and actresses around the world. Here's the people who can really act in a movie whether the movie is horror, action, drama or comedy. in this list you will know the 100 legends of film industry.
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any suggestions ??
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a list of real life best friends celebrities... so the list will be like that (#1 + #2), (#3 + #4) and so on... got it my friends ? ok thanks :D
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a list of stars and their jobs before being Hollywood stars, YOU WILL BE SHOCKED !!
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When you think of Mensa, the high IQ society, you probably think of Steven Hawking or Marilyn vos Savant. There are, however, some unlikely celebrity names associated with Mensa – a group which requires that members have an IQ within the top two per cent of the population. I have compiled a list of some famous smarties, some more surprising than others. I did my best to verify in more than one source that these were in fact members of Mensa. Sharon Stone, for example, is listed as a Mensa member on many websites, however, she confirmed she is not and has never been a member, as is commonly believed. This list is in no particular order, as not all IQ’s were available;action=display;threadid=42715
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a list of Hollywood stars who turned down important and popular roles !!... and for those who says: "It's a made-up list!!" please google it...
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