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Hallelujah (1997)
Forgettable and predictable comedy wannabe, 4 October 2014

Duk-gun is a low life scammer that spends his life going in-out from jail. One day, while trying to blackmail one woman, he witness a car accident. After taking the unconscious victim to the hospital, he realizes that is a pastor that is heading to a church to collect a 100 million wons donation. He now will take over him and with the help of his friend Dong-pal will try to get as much money as he can.

There is nothing special about the movie, at some point seems it will go deeper on it's attempts of satirizing the religious cults, but at the end, when Duk-gun conscience seems to wake up, it goes for the easy and moralist conclusion. The acting is average (even Park Joong-Hoon doesn't stands out) and the only funny moments, maybe are the few times where the ghost of Duk-gun's father appears.

A bit inferior to the first part, but still watchable, 7 September 2014

Yeong-chool, Yeong-moon and their little brother, are together again after the attempts to separate them of the village head. After the diaries of Yeong-chool had become popular now they don't have to struggle to get food and now they are allowed to live in the house of the company where their father used to work...but they still on their own.

This second part of the trilogy, follows in a predictable way the story presented in the first part. Though this time there are some elements that breaks the realism of the first part (like even though they keep receiving food and gifts from all over the country and even the president is aware of their situation, they keep living in a miserable way...they don't have the money to pay the medical fees of the father, or the sudden miraculous release from the hospital of the father). There are also some overdramactic situations brought by the director to get some easy tears specially in the final part.

There is still a third part, but no available in internet, plus after the way it ends the second part doesn't really seem to have a real relation to the story of the brothers.

Interesting drama about the rural life in the 70's in South Korea, 7 September 2014

Yeong-chool (around 10) lives happily with naughty young brother Yeong- moon and his parents in the house provided by the salt farm where the father works. But soon things start getting bad. The father is suffering from a mental disease that gets more and more serious, and the mother after having the a new baby has to overwork till a tragic ending. Soon after this Yeong-chool will have to take over and become the family man.

The most remarkable thing about this movie are the acting of both brother who deliver a pretty good performance, sadly none of them continued their acting career. The movie tries to depicts in a realistic way the hard life on the rural area in South Korea in the 70's, the importance of the community, the innocence of the youth (specially the young brother). Though it doesn't surprise and is pretty predictable, it's worth a watch.

Nice example of korean cinema of the 80's, 30 August 2014

After seeing Hye-rin (Hwang Sin-Hye) in a play, Young-min (Ahn Sung-kee) falls completely in love with her. He sends fruits, chocolate, flowers to hear to every play she does, but his shyness makes almost impossible for him to ask her out. On a Christmas eve he is decided to make the big movement, but Hye-rin has other plans.

While the story may not be original at all, the movie is enjoyable and shows how the korean cinema was back in the 80-90's before the new wave of the korean cinema. The only problem I see, is that 75% of the movie is just about the Young-min chasing Hye-rin while the in last 30 minutes "everything" happens and in a fast way. Despite the over-dramatic resolution, the movie gives you a "feeling good" vibe. Besides is a good opportunity to watch one of Sung-kee's oldest available movies. A movie recommended to all the ones who wants to experience how the korean cinema was before the boom of the 00's.

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Terrible and childish attempt of horror-comedy, 23 August 2014

Lur-Lerd and two subordinates go from Bangkok to the countryside to try to buy some lands and build a resort. On arriving to their destiny their car dies and have to spend the night there. In the village they will meet with some local chiefs that will do everything in their hands to make the deal and the opposition of the monks and the ghosts who live in a cemetery included in the lands of the deal.

While Thailand cinema is evolving and giving great movies during the last 10-15 years, this movie is the example of the opposite. It fails in every aspect. The story is never really explained and the viewer has to guess from the beginning. The editing is terrible giving the sense that the movie is just a bunch of different sketchs that have been put together. The effects...this may be the worst...not only silly sounds are included any time some childish joke is made (some of the characters name is just Dickie and Pussy as example of the humor of the movie) but also the supposed scenes that happens during the night were filmed in daytime and then added some blue filter to make them look different from the real daytime scenes. And the acting, well that will be the less bad part of the movie. If you are looking for some horror-comedy from Thailand I'd recommend you to skip this one and try something like "Buppah Rahtree"...but if you are fan of really bad Thai movies like "Diecovery", "The sisters"...then, this one is for you.

Nothing special, 10 February 2008

The Bogil island is the witness of 3 love stories: In "Kim Chu-ja", Chun-ha sees his old boyfriend on TV and decides to call him and go with him and his daughter to the Bogil island in a try to take up their relationship again. In "Drifting Island" a taxi driver and a mechanic live their difficult love story only when are in the island. Finally, in "La Traviata", a woman goes to the island, looking for her ex-husband's boyfriend, who now runs a cottage with his current boyfriend.

Apart from being gay love stories, this movie has nothing special. For me, the worst story by far is the second one, which is a bit incomprehensible, though maybe the problems are the subtitles (they are quite bad). The third story is interesting but we have to suppose some parts of the story to have everything clear. The first one, is the best of the three stories with some funny and interesting moments, like when Chun-ha explains how the relation with Wang-geun started, first speaking directly to the camera and later with some anime scenes or the musical scene.

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Good intentions on Jung Sung-hyun late debut, 3 February 2008

Hyun Tae is an architect who doesn't like the commitments and spends his life going from one woman to another incapable of being more than one night with them. One day, when he was hanging out with his friends, he meets a strange woman (Hee-jae) who apparently is looking for her fiancé. At the same time, a car accident will change completely the life of Hyun Tae and his friends.

According to the info that can be found on internet, this movie is the culmination of Jung Sung-hyun dream, a movie lover that has wanted to do a movie since he was young but it took him till he was 52 to make it.

In this low budget (though there are scenes filmed in Nepal and Sydney) Sung-hyun shows some good intentions that should earn him the chance to direct another movie without the limitations "Foolish Game" had. The acting maybe is not brilliant, but unlike what happens in others low budget Korean dramas is quite solid. I would say the only weak point is the script, because while we have some unimportant information about some characters, we miss the causes of some of their acts (for example, the story about Hee-jae's fiancé)

Popee (2002)
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Interesting film for anybody who has a dog, 27 January 2008

After his dog "Popee" passes away, an unsuccessful director (played by Hyeon-jin Baek) tries to pay a tribute to his pet by making a documentary about the live and habits of dog owners and their pets on Seoul.

Firstly, I have to say that despite what it looks, "Popee" ins't a documentary or at least Kim Ji-hyun says it isn't, though some of the stories told here are said to be true. The movie starts with Soo-hyun and his mother taking Popee to the vet, where they receive the news that he is critically ill. After he died, Soo-hyun decide to film a documentary in order to pay homage to his lovely pet. From this moment, and for almost the rest of the movie we are the witness of the shooting of the documentary.

The documentary is divided in three parts. In the first one, some dog owners tell different stories about their pets, for example Oh Yun-hong (The Power of Kangwon Province fame) explains the problems she had when she bought a dog (though we can't know if it's true). In the second part, the director interview some people about their thoughts of neutering dogs. And in the final part, anonymous people answer some questions about the life of their pets, like if they think their dogs dreams and if so, what do they think they dream.

Overall, Popee is an interesting movie that should be watched for all those persons who think that the dogs are a plate of food for Koreans.

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Nothing you haven't seen before, 13 January 2008

Chang-shik is a Psychology graduate who is too lazy to find a job and has been living with his brother and his wife for two years. Mi-yeong, is an actress wannabe who always fails in the castings, so she helps her mother to run the family videostore. They don't get on well since Chang-shik rarely returns the videos on time and don't want to pay the fines. One night, they meet completely by chance and are the witness of a hit and run accident. Thinking of the money they could get for the reward they decide to go to the police to declare. Soon, the things will start to get complicated.

Like the title says, this movie is nothing you haven't seen before, especially if you are a fan of the Korean cinema. The movie follows the typicals points of the Korean romantic-comedies, here we have the rude girl, the weak boy, some unexpected events and of course, a scene in a motel room. It even has the most common defect on the modern Korean cinema, because the film last too much, in 100 minutes they could have told the same and make the movie more entertaining. Also, the story is quite predictable, if you have seen any of the romantic-comedies that have invaded the Korean scene on the late years, you will easily know how it ends. So...why a 6? Well, I don't know, it has some funny moments, Kim Sun-ah is on it...and maybe the fact that I haven't seen any Korean romantic-comedy in a while. Anyways, the hardcore fans of this type of films won't be disappointed.

By the way, watch the credits! One part of the story is solved there.

A Smile (2003)
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A common drama without nothing remarkable, 21 May 2007

So-jung is a young photographer who dreams of finishing her education in the United States of America. But one day is diagnosed with tubular vision disease, which will make her to lose her eyesight little by little. In this new situation, she decides to pursue a new goal and leaves all she had behind, including her boyfriend Ji-seok. Now she only desires to get the flying license so she can have a "wide vision" of the world.

Firstly i have to say that this movie is extremely slow-paced, in fact, it can be comparable in this way with the cinema of Shunji Iwai or Kim Ki-Duk (sadly Kyung-hee Park isn't as talented as Iwai or Kim), so if you don't like this kind of film you better avoid this. The main problem of the movie is that almost half of the film (all the stuff about So-jung friend's family)has nothing to do with the story, so the movie could have perfectly lasted just for an hour and this would have made "Miso" a better movie. Another problem is the lack of a score or music during all the movie (maybe there are just a few seconds of score) which sometimes gives the feeling of emptiness or that something is missing.

On the other hand, the acting is solid and the movie has a nice cinematography.

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