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Last year I made this list for my blog (don't bother trying to find it unless you know Finnish). I did not intend to make it public here, but than I decided I should do my small part in making this site better. No, the addition of my list isn't going to make this site better. I just decided to highlight the fact that most of the lists don't bother to tell us why the films are so good that they should be on a list like the list they are on. In this regard, I will do better. Not much better, but somewhat. (I know I'm not going to have much effect on the whole site, but perhaps a little. At least I can feel like I contributed something. Which to me is as important as actually contributing... Funny how stupid we humans are.)

I'd also like to note to all the people with a list of 400 or so movies they regard as the best, that they should probably put more thought on the number of films. I personally thought 100 would be a pretty good number based on the fact that I've seen around 2500-3000 movies, which means 100 is roughly 3-4% of all the films I've seen. That sounds about right. That sounds like a ratio of the total which can be regarded as "best" as opposed to "somewhat better than the other rubbish I've seen over the years".

Hopefully I'm at least somewhat idiosyncratic and at least someone finds a movie they can love based on this list. Or maybe someone rediscovers a great movie. Either way, enjoy.

I've also included 10 honorable mentions which are representative of movies I like, but were under represented or completely unrepresented in this list. These are not the 101-110 movies.

Besides the last 10 movies, these are in order.
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People I enjoy watching for whatever inexplicable reason.
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Not in any specific order and with all due respect to the greats not on the list (such as Gary Oldman, Geoffrey Rush, Alan Rickman, Anthony Hopkins, Mark Strong and other great brits, whose work elevates their bland US enemies time and time again, or indeed the US greats such as Kevin Spacey,Christopher Walken, Robert Mitchum, John Malkovich and the legendary Jack Nicholson.) I just don't want to be one of those people who make lists overly long lists which lose all meaning due to lack of pruning. Some of my choices are fairly obvious, some are "why didn't I think of that", and some are just personal favorites. So, here goes.. the actors who make the best villains, according to me:
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People who made interesting Satans, Devils, Lucifers, or whatever you wish to call him or it.

In Animal House, the English professor played by Donald Sutherland notes that the Devil is probably the more interesting character. Some of these definitely make the movies they appear in more interesting.
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After a full day's work, focusing your energy on watching a deep and thoughtful movie can be pretty hard. Therefore, as an ode to mindless escapism, I give you this list.

In no specific order. I'm focusing on action here. Comedy and horror could very well be a focus of similar list as well.

PS. I'm not saying you should feel ashamed of watching action movies, just that they are not as well regarded as drama.