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Characters don't work, 15 August 2003

I know a lot of people really really love this film but I wonder if it's because they believe the hype instead of really watching it. I find both of the the main characters (Harold and Maude) annoying and not sympathetic. I guess this is the reason when I watched this film that I hoped Harold's Mother would succeed in giving him something to really get mad about, and Maude would do something really productive to show how good she was, like helping out some people who really needed it instead of some spoiled rich kid like Harold.

The photography and sound quality and editing are all poor, but that isn't such a major thing compared to the general problems with the film. >

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Great Battle of Wits, 15 August 2003

Columbo vs. Patrick McGoohan's character is a classic -- better than many films, keeps you on edge and wondering the whole way. Definitely worth watching if you can find it. Here you see two actors who really know how to fill out a character and make him come to life. Huge fun.

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Wonderful, 15 August 2003

Don't ask too much about the plot, just sit back and absorb the story and images of this film. Unlike a grossly overrated film like Harold and Maude, this film really explains what it means to be human to love and to suffer. Peter Falk makes a surprising appearance sort of playing himself, but it all works out and adds to a truly interesting and emotionally rewarding film.