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The best non-R-rated action movies from 2009-2014, in order.
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The TOP 200 animated movies of all time (with G & PG ratings) in order from best to worst. All of these movies are worth watching. Enjoy! [0 0 1 1 7 2]
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This is my rating of the top romance movies, in order, released 2010-2014. No R-rated movies in the list. If it's a romance released between 2010-2014 and it's not here, probably not worth watching. Enjoy. [1 2 1 7 2 1]
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From best to worst, these are the best adventure movies released 2009-2014. None of these movies is R-rated.
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These are downright stinkers that still managed to bring in money at the box office.
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These are the movies you should absolutely avoid seeing (unless you're taking a class on what NOT to do in moviemaking).
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Adjusted for inflation, these are the top 8 losing films of all time. (2014 USD)
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In order, the top scary movies released from 2000 on. The order is how good the movie is not how scary it is. If a scary movie (horror genre) is not on this list, it's not fit to be watched. NOTE: There are no R-rated movies on the list.
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This is my ranking of the best action movies released from 2009-2014. These are in order from best to mediocre (yes, not all movies toward bottom are "good"). There are no R-rated movies in the list. If a 2009-2014 action movie didn't make the list, it's not worth watching. Enjoy.
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The best drama films of the decade (2003-2013), in order. No rated-R films. If a drama is not on this list, its not worth watching.
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These are the top comedy films, in order, released from 2009-2013. If a comedy is not on this list, it is not fit to see. NOTE: There are no R-rated films (e.g., This is the End).
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These are the best crime movies, in order (2002-2012) - the top 20 plus 15 alternates. No R-rated movies.