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Movies that involve someone being kidnapped or held no certain order.
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Gotta love horror movies!!! None of these are vampire movies, and all are in english woo hooooo!!!
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Horror movies that have torture in them, including very few action movies. (if any at all)
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The title pretty much sums it up, I was trying to find a good survival movie that I havn't seen before by searching for lists, some of the lists were good, but could have been better, so I thought I would make one :)
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Movies that take place in one setting, or have few people in them, or give the feeling there is nowhere to run or hide.
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A list of movies, in no certain order, that have a twist in the plot.
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These are movies that will probably make you cry, having to do with cancer, child abuse and other categories.
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Movies that have someone who is obsessed with someone or something :)
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Some of the movies i watched as a child...some of them are ones that i wouldnt let my children watch at their age right now so while lots of it is family friendly, some is not :)
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Movies to watch with the whole family!
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movies that are funny, in no particular order :)
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some based on true events, and some not.
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horror movies with ghosts/demons