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A list of movies that are, in my opinion, worth the watch.

This is especially meant for families, who might have difficulty finding an appropriate movie to share in this current environment. That's why most of the movies in this list are family movies. Still, I can almost guarantee that whoever you are, you'll love most of these.
NOTE: a few of these movies are not family movies, but if you're an adult, are worth watching.

Each description includes my personal rating, a plot summary, and for family-sharing purposes, warnings where necessary.
Movies in blue are appropriate for all ages.
Green is questionable.
Purple is meant for adults.

I'll do my best to add to this list as ideas or suggestions come in.

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This list is really just an extension of my movies list. These are TV shows I consider worth watching. It's short because I don't watch much TV. :P

Hope you like it!