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Pixar Animation studios is probably the one of the best Hollywood companies, if not the best, to this day. Not ONE Pixar movie is bad. Yes, some are worst than others, but I have liked every movie I have seen. So without further ado, I shall show you how I rank the movies. PLEASE NOTE: I personally take animated movies seriously. Most people look at these as "kid movies" but there is so much depth to them, that I cannot call them that.
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I find these chicks hot.
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John Williams and Hans Zimmer Are tied in my point of view.
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This is a the list of actors and actresses who i think would be perfect for the roles in the final two hunger game books! Now I know this will probably NEVER happen due to the fact that most of these people are high paying actors, but its a fantasy. Let me know what you think and add more characters the you would also like to see!
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These are the 20 Best Actors ever.
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This is a List of people that Chris Nolan (The Best director of all time) works with quite frequently. (Note: its in no particular order.) (Oh and one more thing...Nolan_Sucks, HACK_Nolan, and Ben_Stiles ((have I forgotten anyone else?))......Get Lost!)
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Being a HUGE BBC fan, I very much enjoy watching British Period Dramas. These are (in my view) the Best of the Best.
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