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It's been a great three years!
22 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I've been watching The Allen and Craig show since it's third episode premiered, and I've been in love with it ever since. I even got my friend Lexi hooked on it, and ever since then it's kind of been our thing. We'd frequently check the EvilIguanaProductions page to see if a new episode was out, and then when it came out we watched it together. It's been a long journey, but it was full of laughs. This show could bring my mood from zero to one hundred in two seconds flat! It's sad that it's over, but I'm glad that they made the show.

My favorite episode by far is the road trip one, where (spoiler alert) Allen kidnaps Craig and tries to drive to California but ends up making a full circle and ends up dropping Craig off at his house by accident. My favorite quote from that episode was, "Why can't I wear the fire boots?" "Because they're for emergency use only, Craig!" "This is an emergency!" I laugh every time that part comes up. I live in Illinois, and I always hope to see Allen and Craig walking down the street one day when I'm in Chicago...

Anyway, the series is phenomenal, and I recommend it to anybody who hasn't seen it yet! There is no reason in the world (I think) that you shouldn't watch this show. It is the best comedy I've seen in ages.

Allen and Craig, I hope that some day you make an Allen and Craig show hour long special or something for old times sake, just as something fun for your viewers! I love you both, and I hope I some day get to meet you. (P.S. It is my lifelong goal to join EvilIguanaProductions... P.P.S. You should work on making EvilIguanaProductions into a real production company! It would be great!)
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