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Favourite TV Series, concluded or currently on air. I don't include mini-series on period dramas, they are on my other list called "Littlecherry's favourite Period Dramas", except for Downton Abbey because of its popularity.
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This list contains my favorite Musical films, meaning in which actors sing or/and dance. If you have any suggestion, please tell me !
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I recently finished my first year of law school and will begin my second year in september. I'm so happy about it! I thought I could do a list about some of the legal movies, TV series or simply scenes that really touched me. I spoke about some of them in my essays during the year. Of course, they are a lot of legal dramas I haven't seen yet, but I'm working on it. In the meantime, please comment and share !
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Including both films and mini series.

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The 10 best films according to me.
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Hope you will enjoy this list girls... and boys !

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