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My personal favorite films I have ever seen. (Not really in any order because it was hard for me to determine what films I liked over others.
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These are comedic actors I have grown up watching and love watching their films. (In No Order)
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I do not watch nearly as many films as I used to when I had a real passion for it, hence why this list isn't as big as other peoples, but I told myself I would never stop adding movies to this. so even though I don't watch nearly as many films as I used to I still will keep this list going.

(I do NOT include Short Films. I DO include live performance videos eg. Music, Comedy, etc.)
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Being young most of my favorite celebrities that I have grown up with are still alive and healthy. but this list is of the famous people that have died that I myself will miss, so if you are wondering why there are other people not on this list it is because it made no huge difference to me if they had died or not. (In order of how much I will miss them.)