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Nice, 1 September 2004

From what I've seen this is a good show. I was dying of laughter at what was happening. John Goodman once again proves that he is great at comedy. Cheryl Hines as his wife has a great personality that works well with Goodman's which will help the show. Carl Reiner as the father-in-law definitely stands out with his wisdom and sarcastic wit. I know this episode was before Roy Horn's unfortunate accident, but I think that they might enjoy this show. I know that the critics have been giving this show a hard time, but who cares about what they think. Can't wait for the episode that is coming up that features Eddie Murphy guest starring as Donkey.

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nice fighting game, 31 October 2003

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai is the best Dragon Ball Z game ever. They used the actors from the tv show and they translated the characters well to being 3d. The combo based system works better for this game than a basic fighting game's style would. Although this isn't one of the best fighting games around, if you're a DBZ fan, get this game!