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Basically it is the list of my favorite movies, based upon real event, story or character. Lets start with the movies of my favorite director Steven Spielberg, who does it better than anyone.
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No order of ranking, just in accordance of name appeared first in mind. Most of them are all time greatest, yet I started with the greatest of them all, 'Marlon Brando'.
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What, precisely, is a thriller? Well, critics or books may have different definition or they might not have any exact definition. To me unpredictability, suspense and lots of tense thrilling moments make a good thriller movie. It could be a horror-paranormal story, a science-fiction type sci-fi story or a down to earth every day life story. Personally, I always prefer straight down to earth level, no vision, no sci-fi. Yet great thriller like inception (2010) cannot be eradicated from an all time best thriller list. Another thing only a smattering of films selected from the fantastic Grandmaster of thrillers, Sir Alfred Hitchcock. Because I’m going to create another list based on only Hitchcock movies. The list began with the Grandmaster, Sir Alfred Hichcock's movies.
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The most beautiful movies, with different taste.
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Serial killers are human form of the devil. Throughout the history these notorious killers gave us tremendous shock, unbearable pain by their sick, inhuman act. There is nothing good about these monsters, but still they fascinate us, somehow. Reason may be their ability to hide among us, we could not identify these devils, he might entrust your next door. These are my top choice, of serial killing based movies.
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These are all down to earth rock solid action movies. Truly entertaining, all time best movies, specially for those guys’s, who doesn’t like kids stuff! Guns, bullet, thrill, suspense, awesome cinematography, direction, strong story line and acting- made these movies different from others. Sequel of a movie and same subject’s movies are put together in the list. So no more chit-chat, just enjoy and feel free to put any comments regarding my list.

Some new movies are added, check it out. Thanks to all movie lovers, who finds time to check this list and those who shown appreciation by placing valuable comments.
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My choice of this category movies particularly based upon, two things- intelligent screenplay & intelligent storyline. That's why often used, 'Zombie' type of brainless horror movies avoided in my list. The list started with the classic masterpiece, 'The Omen (1976)' & series, based on 70's great novel, written by, David Seltzer & his successors Joseph Howard and Gordon McGill.
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He is the movie genius of our time. He is the movie maker, out of this universe. I love the man and cherish all of his movies. The list contains all of his directed films, including 'True Romance (1993)' and 'From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)' which he has written only the screenplay, directed by Tony Scott and Robert Rodriguaze. I eradicated those projects where he appeared as guest director like 'Sin City', or in any TV episode.
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