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i have seen thousands of films i lost the count years back and i wished not seen some mostly re-makes. i think the list i created suits most users here, you can view them with imbd rating or mine which gives you an indication of what i liked the most. thanks for checking out my list.
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even to this date it puzzles me why have they bother making all this pile of horse dung
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i decided to create a list to my liking as i do not like the IMDb top 250 list, i think every one here should make this list to their own liking too.
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i decided to make a sci-fi list to my liking keep it in mind these are films i liked and not in certain order so no stupid comments, but suggestions are more then welcomed.
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no stupid and idiotic comments this list is done to my taste so if you do not agree keep it to yourself. i am not making this list to please or displease any one. i know there is lot missing from the list suggestions are welcomed but not on the order changing.