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Roller-coaster of Classic and Clever Horror, 13 October 2011

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Episode 4 builds on the foundation of the 3 previous episodes, with twists, turns, double cross and a subtle reality check for those expecting just another Buffy clone. The acting was at times just breathtaking. If you want to see British TV at its very best. Fades is quickly becoming a UK TV classic before your very eyes. I just hope they don't stuff it up at the end. The plot moves forward at a pace in this episode, with sides being drawn and the sign of the battle to come, but equally showing the humanist side with the horror of war, through the medium of good verse evil but without the usual moralistic patter. No side. can take the moral high ground here. Who's to say the future is not the fades, as humanity dwindles. Who's to say that the rebirths are not the next step in the search for what we are. The religious overtones can be seen but also adapted to attempt to quantify what reality is itself, flesh ,spirit or just a re-jig of energy, here once before and here once again. In some ways it re- enforces all views with equal measure.

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When TV SCIFI Grew Up !, 8 November 2004

I remember a series that was fresh to the TV that did for TV Scifi what Stars Wars did for Cinema SCIFI. BattleStar Galatica was that series.

In the UK we had DR Who, Space 1999 and Blakes 7 with cardboard sets, bad makeup and some awful stage acting but sometimes some of the best Scifi ever written. Made Douglas Adams et all very rich thank you very much.

BattleStar..flooded our screens with sfx, sound and colour that grabbed the attention, avid watching but lacking the subtle thoughts, yea ole formula executives filled their ratings pockets but let the true scifi go out the window and at times I cringed the same way The Hulk TV series made me cringe when it stole stock footage from The Duel.

Yet the original Battlestar won my heart but not my mind sadly. I shuffled back to my "City and the Stars" and waited for TV to catch up.

Years have past we have had all the Startreks, the Babylons and they pushed boundaries but never touched the Scifi soul where the story must pan out, loose ends are intended not because it must run to time. The truth must be told and viewer must feel better for watching as they would, by reading, sadly Startreks Babylons and even many a long tail SG1 never filled that void.

For a moment Red Dwarf of all things kicked Scifi up the behind and then back we fell, formula formula formula.

This year things have changed Battle Star has been reborn with not just sfx but it reads well too. I feel as the story, the acting and above all the writing, views well as it would read.

Drama from Scifi, wheres the novel !, as I feel I read this long ago, what a perfect memory to have and I feel this is just the beginning.

So say we all. (c) :)