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A little gem of a movie, 25 October 2015

If your an 80's Horror/Slasher FanBoy like myself then this film is for you. Clever nods to the audience, tongue n cheek, self aware/meta humour is in full force. Think the wit and humour of Scream blended together with Friday the 13th, plus some surprisingly emotional depth. Loved it! I cannot fathom why this did not get a cinema release, it is absolutely brilliant.

A clever, knowing, (though never self mocking) homage to 80s slasher flicks. The cast are uniformly brilliant and great to see Nina Dobrev in something other than the Vampire Diaries. If you love Scream and the self referential horror you are sure to enjoy this. Give it a try, this will go down as another of those hidden gems that COME ALIVE on DVD, rather like 'Trick R Treat.' Neglected and ignored when in fact it is sheer brilliance and really quite moving. Lovely commentary too!

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21st Century horror done in an 80s style, 25 October 2015

Apert from John carpenter's original "Halloween", this is this is my favourite holiday movie. Multiple stories are brilliantly woven together in true halloween spirit.

Pleasant and Enjoyable. Perhaps not words you generally associate with a horror film. But then since when did every horror film have to gross out with gratituitous gore or scare senseless with slashing and stalking? To be fair calling this film a horror is quite misleading. Really it's a celebration of the various legends and imagery associated with the holiday. Watching the DVD featurette about the making of the film and the lore of Halloween should help people understand how to take this movie (clearly some reviewers didn't get it). Perhaps calling it a fictional documentary that toys with the themes and monsters of horror would be more appropriate? The only reason we have monsters here (and it's nice to be able to talk about monsters without solely referring to just Vampires or Zombies) is because it's All Hallow's Eve.

Personally I liked that a non-linear approach was taken in telling the various tales on offer here as it sets it apart from the anthologies that came before it and which it would inevitably be compared to. The interweaving of the stories is preferable to having them stand alone as it's been done so many times before.

The cinematography is top notch throughout and all those involved in shooting the film deserve hearty pats on the back, as do the actors and actresses. To a man (or woman) they all give good performances with a few excellent ones thrown in.

I only saw one twist coming but then I constantly force myself not to start second guessing a film (What's the point? You're only going to spoil it for yourself if you're right), if you do regularly second guess you might find you're enjoyment of the film somewhat tempered.

The Guest (2014/I)
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Be My Guest, 24 October 2015

Well worth the time and effort that goes into this show, acting and storyline is fabulous with the suspense outstanding what else can I say. Now he is here and that is going to be dangerous, a friend of the family comes home to his mates place with a very dark secret and that is going to be a killer. Want more, well there is a beautiful girl in the picture but that is all I'm telling as to spoil it for you isn't half the fun as not knowing anything is worse so if I get wrapped up in the show so you can too!. Now make a move so you can come home in plenty of time to collect your munchies sit in front of the television put your feet up and relax, this might be the only time you can so I rated this an A grade for the brilliant twist and turns that will have you thinking throughout the movie and watch full on entertainment right in your own home. Enjoy!

Any aging film fan will tell you that they used to make them better. Films used to have characters and storyline, rather than just bombastic action. It may be true that in terms of blockbusters we are going through a period of stagnation, but look deeper into the world of indies and there are still loads of great flicks to be found. A recent year has not passed with several great new horror films in particular escaping and 'The Guest' is certainly one of these; an intelligent take on an 80s horror, but with a modern feel.

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Lame Crap, Awful boring!, 22 August 2015

This movie is just plain stupid ans so slow and boring!!. I think the director totally misunderstood the story. He didn't bother to build up the plot lines and the pacing is with the nicest word a disaster. The casting is by the worst you could imagine for these characters. Christina Hendricks as Patty Day and Charlize Theron as Libby day. Really!!?? They are supposed to be poor farmer white trash, not sex bombs. The rights for the book must have been sold way before gone girl. Otherwise it had surely been taken better care of. It is really sad that a good story like the one in the book have been treated in such a bad way. I'm honestly so disappointed that I can't write any constructive comments about it. If you have read the book, please don't ruin it by watching this crap.

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Time for Fox to give the rights back to Marvel, 7 August 2015

Scientist Reed Richards has discovered the secrets of interdimensional travel and with a group of friends goes into another dimension. However something goes wrong and when they return they discover that they all have different powers. One of Marvel's best comics gets the movie treatment. The 3rd movie after the 2005 Fantastic Four movie and the 2007 sequel Rise Of The Silver Surfer and 4th if you count the so bad it was never officially released 1994 film. For some reason the Fantastic Four just doesn't translate well to the screen. A decent cast, Miles Tellar, Kate Mara, Michael B Jordan and Jamie Bell are all OK and the film livens up after a painfully slow start and there is a decent scifi film struggling to get out but it isn't anything remotely like the original comics. Time for Fox to give the rights back to Marvel! An Insult to Comic Fans !!

It Follows (2014)
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Original and creepy, 2 August 2015

This movie does have an awful lot of hype around it, the only way to enjoy this movie is don't jump in thinking its going to be a masterpiece, its not but it still is a fantastic movie for many reasons, its certainly very original, the story is basically about a girl who is currently dating a guy, they go out one night and have sex in the back of his car, he tells her he has passed something to her, something that will follow her, the only way to survive is to pass it to another person, then the terror begins!! you need to go into this movie with a very good imagination, I think most people only rate this low because they don't get it, the movie does leave many things open to explanation which is good, you have to fill in the blanks which makes it more fun, the movie has a good pace and gets more and more tense as it unfolds, the movie is directed really well with some nice quiet suburban locations, its certainly good at the scares and the feeling of sheer dread when the followers are on screen, the movie is very grounded and has little use for cheesy effects which is great, the cast is talented, all the female leads are great young actresses, the movies main star for me is the awesome music score by composer disasterpeace, the music really helps give such a feeling of fear, much like John Carpenters theme did for Halloween, the movie like people have said feels like a long middle, you don't get an explanation of where the supernatural element comes from and the ending is left very open to explanation too but you just have to use your imagination, the movie is certainly worth checking out if your a horror fan, its really well made, its not amazing so don't hype yourself up, its clever and original at least and will probably certainly be a future classic indeed

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Best slasher gore movie in a long time!!, 18 July 2015

The first 30min is slow,when the killings start they are good and gory The rating on IMDb is fare to low!!!

This movie is a must for horror fans, a great modern slasher with all the right elements, not since Hatchet have we had a really powerful on screen maniac, Charlie certainly is one character I want more of! The movie is by the book slasher, a very simple set up and easy to follow story and plenty of mayhem, the movie is about a group of friends who decide to out in the Australian outback to explore Charlie's farm, there is an urban legend around the farm about the psychotic family that lived there who murdered and ate people, its believed their boy Charlie is still alive and lives in the outback somewhere, it borrows many ideas of course from many other old horror movies from the 80's and 90's and mixes them up, but the old formula always works and never gets old no matter how many times its done, the movie is a great throw back to classic 80's slashers like Texas chainsaw massacre and Friday the 13th etc, there is certainly plenty of violence and brutal bloody death scenes all done on a great budget, all the effects are practical and look great, the movie starts at a slightly slow pace but really kicks in as it goes and gets nasty and bloody especially toward the last half hour, the movie has a decent cast I thought, your usual dudes and babes waiting to be hacked up, Tara Reid hasn't been in anything this decent in a long while, Kane (Jason Voorhees) Hodder gets a small role which is always cool and Bill (House of a 1000 corpses) Mosley has a good part too, Nathan (Mad Max fury road) Jones plays Charlie and does a great job, a huge scary looking actor who has a great make-up and wardrobe in this movie, this is certainly one to pick up, its fun its funny its a better than average bloody slasher gore movie, I just hope we get to see Charlie return soon!!

Clown (2014)
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Entertaining clown slasher..., 1 March 2015

As far as clown slasher go, I rarely see any true effort put into them - especially these days. "Clown" is actually a pretty refreshing entry in the genre - being clearly of modest budget, yet still managing to come across as a professional looking flick with an unusually likable cast of characters, a reasonably memorable villain! There's also a few decent and relatively gory deaths, cleverly themed after traditional clown tricks.

The gore level in this movie is extremely high. Every kill is based upon a trick that a clown but all with the intention of making your skin crawl. It won't be to every one's taste, as limbs are literally ripped from bodies, heads kicked of.

think that most will enjoy this movie knowing ahead of time that it's a gory slasher.

Severance (2006)
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It's 'BLOODY' Great!!!! a gem, 22 February 2015

Severance is a gory film with some fairly intense horror but it's also very funny. The actors which include Toby Stephens, Laura Harris, Danny Dyer and Tim Mcinnerny all seem to be enjoying themselves playing memorable roles as work colleagues who find themselves in a desperate situation. This film is a rare comedy/ horror that works as both and can join Shaun of the Dead, Evil Dead 2 and American Werewolf in London for successfully managing to both scare and be funny. Severance is entertaining from beginning to end and very rewatchable.

An all-round stimulating thrill ride: gore, thrills, suspense, "whodunnit", laughs and fine acting from all the cast. A rare movie that actually manages to keep its audience interested throughout its duration. You really can't blink or you may miss a laugh or scare! A solid popcorn flick, best watched late at night, lights down.

You shall be Entertained!

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Great British Horror Flick a Gem!, 22 February 2015

This is a surprisingly entertaining film. It shows what a bunch of good actors and producers can do on a budget. Nowhere near as gory as some and the plot has been done to death a thousand times but when the gore comes it is really surprisingly well done and will make you jump out of your skin at times. Well worth the money and one to watch more than once. Miss Ellison is a delight. Hilarious Comedy mixed with blood & gore, I think the cast must have had a real job to keep a straight face during filming, especially the scene with David and the bumbling idiot character, Andrew. (re the bottle opener, and the balaclava).... What comedy genius!


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