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Just a few shows that I didn't have high hopes for but have turned out to be great
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It's way too hard to put in order of how I like them so instead they'll just go in chronological order. Please note that these are the episodes I like the most, and not necessarily the best episodes, if you know what I mean.

The list may change.
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I can't explain why some of these movies are my favourite, they just seem to be movies I watch the most. They aren't in any particular order, except the first one is my overall favourite.
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This is my opinion of the best TV shows so feel free to disagree. Obviously I'm obsessed with Joss Whedon, since the shows at the top of my list are by him. The first few are in order, but after that I'm just adding them when I think of them.
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Actors I am in love with, and would watch a movie/tv show just to see them. Also, this is in no particular order
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In no particular order, these are the movies that made me cry, for whatever reason. Some of them still make me cry =P
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I just haven't got around to watching these shows. I love television, but there's so much I want to see! There might be some I'm missing so I'll add to the list later.
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In no order... just for some fun. I'm disregarding whether they are good or evil, dead or alive... I will probably add to the list as well. =)
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in no particular order =)
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This is just my opinion really. They aren't necessarily movies that I didn't like or really hated, but I think that they could have been a lot better. Some of them were just bad, though.
More to come.