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Ballroom Fun, 1 April 2012

Being a fan of the RuPaul Drag Race show and all the references to Paris Is Burning, a movie I've heard of since high school but never saw until now. Every phrase I thought came from RPDR were actually from this movie 2 decades ago. From shady and fierce to the drag queen art of "reading", this movie seems like the inspiration for RuPaul's show.

The film is about the ballroom circuit for the mostly black/latino gay community. The participants walk the ballroom floor in different categories, in a show referred to as "balls". Trophies are given to those who have the most "realness". Some competitions include the now famous "Voguing" - a dance which was popularized by iconic singer Madonna.

"Paris Is Burning" seems a bit dated now that being "gay" has gradually been accepted as a natural occurrence, but at the time of filming AIDS and homosexuals were synonymous and gays stigmatized. The titles before each sequence "BALLS", "REALNESS", "HOUSES", etc., were probably the inspiration for Ken Burns' documentaries. "Paris" flows seamlessly depicting the story of how for one night someone can live a fantasy and the struggle to deal back to reality. Filmed in New York City at the end of the 1980's, it's a great insight to an urban community that most of the "straight" world never new existed.

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Drag U, 17 August 2011

Is entertaining, is fun to watch, and seeing transformation of dowdy women to over the top glamourized drag queen within, is surprising. Though some women aren't too comfortable with the change, it's the attitude adjustment the Draq Queen "professors" inspire, that make this show.

These professors are "fierce" and the winner gets a cash prize of 3,166 dollars and 17 cents (LOL). I just started watching Season 2, ever since discovering RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 & just like I did with the Drag Race series, am backtracking to watch all the other Drag U episodes of Season 1. Glad to see the RPDR queens working/throwing shade together in one show. BTW Lady Bunny is a hoot.

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Addictive, 17 May 2011

I am addicted to this show – stumbled upon it on VH1 with the Jocks in Frocks episode, was totally entertained by it, then looked it up on the internet and started watching all episodes, (ALL episodes, extras included) of Season 3, 2 and 1 on the Logo site, and I'm straight as a flagpole.

Can they put this on DVD please ? – The Logo site keeps buffering with the same damn commercials (I like the Orbitz commercial tho w/Carmen, Manila and Shangela, tho). They must include the Untucked episodes on the DVD.

It's funny how so many people take this reality show contest sooo seriously – I mean the winner is crowned to a live audience of 3 people, and the host of the Grand Finale in the Untucked episode is eating fried chicken out of a bucket (that's why I love this show) It's so campy and yet so glamorous.

I'm so addicted – I can name every queen of every season, and since I'm sick and can't do anything but stare in front of a computer, I'll critique them all

(Season 1 – The Originators) Bebe Zahara Benet – If Snatch Game were in Season 1, she'd nail Oprah / Nina Flowers – The fiercest androgynous look ever / Rebecca Glasscock - The 1st pretty girl of RPDR / Shannel - The prettiest "real" eyes / Ongina - The prettiest bald queen / Jade - At times, prettier than Rebecca / Akashia - Worst runway walk ever / Tammie Brown - Kinda spooky look / Victoria "Pork Chop" Parker - First big girl to go, will make the trivia list

(Season 2) Tyra Sanchez – Straight women would've gone for him, he's a pretty boy / Raven - A macho pretty boy / Jujubee - She's Got Personality, lots of it / Tatianna - Prettier than Rebecca / Pandorra Box - Looks more like Kathy Griffin than Kathy Griffin / Jessica Wild - Miss Popularity / Sahara Davenport - Miss Ballet Moves / Morgan McMichaels - Miss Rebel / Sonique - Miss Acrobat / Mystique Summers Madison - Miss Splits / Nicole Paige Brooks - Reminded me of Julia Roberts, yes Julia Roberts / Shangela - (Seasons 2 & 3) I like and dislike her cause she's got lots of talent but her character on the show reminded me of someone really "shady"

(Season 3 – I like this season best thus far, simply because of the variety of contestants)

Raja – The fiercest ever runway walk / Manila Luzon - A glamorous camp queen / Alexis Mateo - Competitive, deserved top 3 / Yara Sofia – Wish she were in top 3, likable personality, but what's up with the freaky contact lenses / Carmen Carrera – The pretty girl of season 3, pulls off the female illusion the best / Delta Work - The prettiest of the big girls / Mariah Paris Balenciaga – Perhaps the most beautiful of all 3 seasons queens / Stacy Layne Bryant Matthews, etc. etc. - Already looks like a woman / Indiah Ferrah - She's got $600 boobs and she's gonna wear them / Mimi Imfurst – Aptly named / Phoenix - 2 episodes is not enough to pass judgment / Venus D-Lite - Madonna lives

The Judges: who cares? The Pitt Crew: Nice touch, Ru.

I hope Season 4 is just as enjoyable as Season 3. Can't wait for the next generation of Hoogers.