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i can't find these available to rent on LOVEFILM yet
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A list of films she's done including future releases.
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movies that include bullying themes and scenes. Please note: some movies listed have only minor scenes. If I'm missing any, please message me
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Aids/hiv themed movies and made for TV movies
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Films about people who have weight issues.Fat/overweight/characters non anorexia films
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I love these movies, I hope you'll love them too :D
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Films & documentaries about or related to the september 11 twin towers attack.
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a list of 46 titles
Movies most people like but I don't
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These are the only ones I found so far. I'm sure there's more! If you know any you can contact me. thanks
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Movies about a non-famous person falling in love with a celebrity
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films which include a character who is disfigured in some way
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The TV show Johnny Depp starred in the 80s
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In my opinion, the most beautiful hot/cute/interest looking people