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Whoa!, 3 September 2007

I'm a big Superman fan, but this one...even I couldn't love. However, there is something about it that made it a little more endearing than the previous 3. Maybe it was just the fact that I wasn't expecting anything great with it. Superman seems to be so jovial throughout the whole movie, except when he get's the beat down from Radiation Man, or whatever they coined the other guy. It kinda seemed like Christopher Reeve and Margaret Kidder were just having fun with this one.

Truthfully I don't really like any of the old Superman's for various reasons, but I can at least respect them. In this one, they just made up super powers that Superman doesn't have, which I could even go with if they explained it.

My main beef with this one is, the bad guy, this Radiation Man, is supposed to be powered by the sun, and his powers are basically the sun's energy...and Superman get's his power from the yellow sun...therefore when this guy hits Superman with the energy then it should actually make Superman more powerful, but instead it gives him the flu???? If you're a Superman fan at all, you can watch this just to say you have seen it, but you probably won't like it. If you don't know much about Superman or his story and background, you may actually like it OK.

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Arnold's First, 15 August 2003

I don't know if it wasn't meant to be but this movie is hilarious. How can you downgrade a movie that offers Arnold in his true form, no facial expressions, an accent that can hardly be understood, and muscles on top of muscles. If you have seen the DVD version you can watch the movie with his voice, which makes all the difference in the world, if you're an Arnold fan that is. My personal favorite is, "I do nots care abouts ze zundaboats." I don't think that line can ever be topped. And who can not laugh at the New York traffic sounds on Mt. Olympus. This movie may be the most underbudget, worst film of all time, but it's Arnold and it's great for a laugh. If stupid things make you laugh then this movie is a must.

Desperado (1995)
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That was Awesome, 15 August 2003

Desperado delivers 106 minutes of action packed thrills. Antonio Banderas does an excelent job of portraying his character El Mariachi in his quest for revenge. The action, the music, the characters and their relations, the setting, the camera angle all play into it's excelence. You will find yourself begging for more redemption, and wishing that it wasn't over.

They're back and at each other's throats, 15 August 2003

This movie gave exactly what it offered and much more. Two classic horror villains facing off mono-e-mono. It still offered what every horror film has, sex, killing, gore, and falling when trying to get away; plus it had two unstoppable "machines" going at it. There's nothing like seeing the two classics beating the $%*# out of each other. There's nothing really bad to say about the movie, beside the fact Freddy's face sometimes looked way to fake. But for the most part all the effects where well done.